Brunch Buddies: The Echo

Newswire photo by Sydney Sanders | This semester, two Newswire writers will eat brunch at a different local location each month and share their findings with you! This week, they visited The Echo Restaurant, located in Hyde Park just 10 minutes from campus. 


Sydney: It had a very classic diner feel, which was cool. It was really busy, but we still had great service and everyone was friendly.

Riley: The diner had a bright, friendly neighborhood vibe that made my Sunday morning feel like it was spent with a community. Seating is limited, but in nice weather the wait goes quickly.

Food selection

Sydney: There were a lot of choices for both breakfast and lunch. I think my total was about $11, so it wasn’t terribly expensive. Most things on the menu ranged from $10-$15.

Riley: I was expecting a much larger menu for a diner-style restaurant, but they stuck to the classics. Not too many sweet options, but if you want a hearty, American-style breakfast, this is the menu for you.


Sydney: I had an omelet and fruit. They both were good and fresh, but to be honest, it wasn’t significantly better than the caf. I would go back but maybe try something else.

Riley: I’m not a picky eater, and I really enjoyed my three chocolate chip pancakes with baked apples on the side. The pancakes were standard, but the baked apples are definitely a new breakfast favorite for me!


Sydney:  I enjoyed The Echo. I would definitely go back.

Riley: It might have been a little overpriced for the food that it was, but for the location (Hyde Park), the friendly staff and the baked apples, it was a great brunch for me! Hot coffee with a side of nostalgia.

By: Riley Head & Sydney Sanders | A&E Editor and Photography Editor