QUIZ: Which Disney Princess are you based on your style of feminism?

There are a million ways to be a feminist, and there’s a Disney Princess to guide you along your journey to equality.

Photo courtesy of Disney.com

1.) Who is your feminist sidekick?

A) Nature
B) Male allies
C) Women of the past and strong female role models
D) Myself #independent
E) Intersectionality

2.) What’s your aesthetic?

A) Nature goddess
B) Androgynous
C) Wanderlust
D) Sporty AF
E) Historically feminine/girly\

3.) Which laptop sticker would you buy?

A) Well-behaved women seldom make history
B) Cinnamon rolls not gender roles
C) Goal digger
D) A woman’s place is in the house … and the senate
E) If you don’t fight for all women, you fight for no women

4.) Which major interests you the most?

A) Environmental Science
B) Theatre
C) History
D) Philosophy, Politics, and the Public
E) Entrepreneurial Studies


Mostly A’s: Pocahontas — You are an eco-feminist who is the savior rather than the damsel in distress. You assert that women can save themselves— and others too— and that both men and women need someone to lean on. You see the connection between nature and humanity and have a respect for all living organisms.

Mostly B’s: Mulan — You make the best out of a patrinormative society and acknowledge that it would be awesome if women could foster equality independently, but it takes working within the patriarchal system to dismantle it.

Mostly C’s: Moana — You are a young person who knows that that won’t stop you from changing the world! You value your goals and focus on them rather than on romantic relationships. You look to the past to provide context for the future and own where you come from to understand where you are going.

Mostly D’s: Merida — You refuse to allow yourself or anyone else to be anyone’s manic pixie dream girl. You will not let anyone romanticize women or insist that they must derive their power from their association with a man. You love sports and recognize that filling or not filling society’s expectations of women doesn’t determine whether or not that person is a woman.

Mostly E’s: Tiana — The one woman of color in Disney’s business school, Tiana doesn’t ask permission from anyone to be who she is. Just like Tiana, you might have to work two jobs to make it #werk, but at the end of the day you know women can be strong and independent feminists while still filling traditionally female roles like cooking, loving being a wife or wearing hella cute dresses.

By: Brittany Wells | Staff Writer