Samsung versus new iPhone

On Sept. 12, Apple released three new iPhone models: the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. The cost of purchasing one is a top concern among college students. All three iPhone models come with 64 GB of internal storage for their base-price option and have three colored trim options: Space Grey, Silver and Gold. The iPhone XS starts from $999 with a 5.8-inch OLED display, while the larger 6.8-inch OLED iPhone XS Max is $100 more for $1,099. The iPhone XR is offered in many colorful options and is meant to be an entry-level iPhone starting at $749 with an LCD 6.1-inch display, replacing the iPhone 5 SE.

Samsung’s S-Note 9 was announced earlier this year and comes in two sizes, starting at $1000 for 128 GB of internal storage.

With loans hanging over students’ heads and the threat of not paying them back fast enough a constant companion, college students are unlikely to purchase such a new and expensive phone. As a result, smartphone sales of both Apple and Samsung have been on the decline recently; however, they may rebound this year.

“Unit sales of iPhones are expected to edge up just one percent in Apple’s fiscal year ending this month, reports Visible Alpha Consensus Data. However, thanks to the higher prices, iPhone revenue is still expected to grow 17 percent to $165 billion,” according to Alex Eule, an analyst and writer for Barron’s Magazine.

In the end, it all depends upon the enthusiasm tech companies spark within the market. Students are going to love this year’s smartphone product line from both companies. They each offer productive features, in addition to innovative task management and workflow.

Although the two devices are technologically analogous regarding their cameras, beautiful exterior design, exceptional performance and state-of-the-art artificial reality capabilities, nothing can surpass Apple’s secure and straightforward operating system, iOS 12.

“I have been an Apple person all my life, and this is because I feel my data is safe and secure with Apple,” first-year music major Austin Hayhurst said. All iOS devices offer Activation Lock, Find My iPhone and countless other security apps available through the App Store to enhance Apple’s already intuitive set of user security options. FaceID is a biometric facial recognition system developed by Apple that was initially released with last years’s iPhone X and is part of the new lineup of iPhone models this year.

“The accessories that come with the iPhone and its user-friendly interface make it worth what you spend. You can do more with Apple in comparison to other brands such as Samsung,” first-year public relations major Matt Keaty said.

Users can start typing a paper on their phone, move to their iPad and make last-minute changes before submission on their iPhone without having to add the file to the cloud manually.

“The compatibility — the ecosystem — is simpler, and the iPhone is overall just a simpler setup,” first-year business major Matt Fickenworth said.

By: CJ Riepi | Guest Writer