Nov. 5 Student Government Association Meeting Recap

There will be open forums for the final three police chief candidates throughout this week and next. The first forum will be held today, Nov. 7; the second Thursday, Nov. 8; and the third Tuesday, Nov. 13. Each forum will be held in the third-floor conference room in Smith Hall from 1:45-2:45 p.m. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Other News Updates

Residence Life sent an email to all residents of Brockman Hall regarding fire alarms last Friday. The email stated that Residence Life is requesting that Xavier Police conduct more interior patrols of the building and that should the alarms continue, the Cincinnati Fire Department will start charging the university a fine for each response to Brockman. Residence Life also met with Cincinnati Fire Department last week to discussion the situation, according to Senior Director Lori Lambert, who added there were no main takeaways and that a follow-up conversation would not be necessary.

This post was assembled by Campus News Editor Heather Gast.