Campus welcomes nine new clubs

Photo courtesy of John Sternen | TriBeta, pictured above, is one of two new honor societies on campus. The club aims to both honor academic achievements in biology and provide a space for passionate biology students to socialize and share ideas.

Campus is welcoming nine new clubs this semester for students with interests ranging from sneakers to socialism.

Students can check out these six featured clubs and more than 170 others next Wednesday, Jan. 23 from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. in Gallagher Student Center at Winter Club Day.

Girl Up XU

Girl Up XU’s mission is to ensure that girls are counted as individuals at a local and international level. The club promotes awareness for girls’ health and education globally and fights to ensure that girls have access to such resources.

The club will fundraise and engage people from the local and international community.

Girl Up XU will have its first meeting Jan. 22 from 6-7 p.m, location to be determined. Interested students can check Girl Up XU’s Instagram @girlupxu for updates.

Xavier Socialists Club

Xavier Socialists is for students interested in alternatives to capitalism, and according to club president Dan Bowling, in direct action to help correct injustices that result from the oppressive capitalist society that he says we live in.

The club will discuss influential socialist literature as well as analyze the current political state and how we can stand in solidarity and work with those who have historically been and currently are disenfranchised.

Xavier Socialists will have various events on campus that seek to challenge people’s assumptions about the current economic and political sphere, such as detailing abuses unto tenants of temporary housing and workers. They will work with socialist groups around Cincinnati, such as Socialist Alternative and Democratic Socialists of America, in protests and events.

Xavier Socialists will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. in Alter 303.

Hypebeast Collective

The Hypebeast Collective is a place where people who like sneakers (sneakerheads) and fashion enthusiasts can come together and discuss their passion and share new ideas. 

The club is open to people who are looking to get into  footwear and fashion culture.

Hypebeast Collective has not set a meeting time.

Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) is an international honors society for education students. The purpose of this club will be to create fellowship among education students on campus, provide professional development opportunities and honor academic achievement.

Members can look forward to an initiation ceremony within the coming months and other exciting honors

Meeting times have yet to be determined as the executive leadership are still in training with the KDP Headquarters and cannot hold initiation or meetings until the training is complete.

Network of Enlightened Women (NeW)

NeW is a national organization with more than 40 chapters across U.S. college campuses. NeW at Xavier will enhance leadership skills, intellectual diversity and confidence among conservative college women.

Network of Enlightened Women’s overall goal is to educate young women on conservative ideas and encourage them to speak out on campus and in their communities.

Members can look forward to travel opportunities for national conferences, connections for internships, book clubs, leadership opportunities, conservative female speakers and the chance to meet other strong, independent Xavier students.

NeW has not set a meeting time for this semester.

Photo courtesy of Madi Kutruff | Another new club, Network of Enlightened Women, will focus on empowering women and educating them with a conservative perspective.


TriBeta is an honors society for biology students who demonstrate excellent scholarship in the field of biology as well as a passion for advancing or sharing biological research studies.

More formally known as Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society — Xi Delta Epsilon Chapter, the club’s goal is to provide another place biology students can socialize with each other as well as share their broad passions and interests.

This semester, TriBeta will be sending out invitations to students that are eligible for associate and regular membership. After applications are evaluated, the club will host an annual banquet and acceptance ceremony for members.

Additionally, TriBeta plans on outdoor excursions once the weather improves and may facilitate Q&A type sessions with professors.

Club president John Sternen will also be working with cadavers this spring and will lead a dissection open lab in April that students may attend.

TriBeta has not set a meeting time for this semester.

By: Alanna Belmont | Staff Writer