Senatorial support marked JBC’s term in SGA

Photo courtesy of | JBC’s term included some Executive-headed events, but the trio mainly focused on supporting senatorial intiatives, including a voting shuttle.

While JBC did not achieve the majority of their campaign directly as an Executive board, variations of campaign promises were fulfilled by efforts of individual Executives and executive support for senators’ initiatives.

Executive campaign platforms are known to be ambitious and set unachievable expectations, and JBC’s was no different. Of the 19 points, three were achieved during JBC’s term, one of which — providing more gender neutral restrooms on campus — was unassociated with SGA. The goals that were accomplished by JBC directly or indirectly through support were establishing a Xavier food pantry and continuing the It’s On X campaign, as well as assisting other sexual abuse prevention efforts on campus.

The first point on JBC’s platform was to reduce food waste by Chartwell’s catering by composting excess food or donating the excess food to a food pantry in the surrounding Norwood area or creating a food pantry on campus.

The Xavier food pantry, known as The Store, was opened in 2018 thanks to the efforts of sociology professor Kandi Stinson but was greatly assisted by funding from SGA. During the annual allocation of the SGA budget, JBC supported Senator Ellen Rakowski’s push for funding for The Store, which greatly assisted the foodbank. 

JBC delivered on their promise to continue It’s On X and supporting sexual assault prevention programs around campus, though in a slightly indirect manner. Stautberg was heavily involved in It’s On X’s efforts, though not JBC as a collective. Stautberg was also involved in the planning for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

The Executive team did bring attention to furthering their partnerships with identity and diversity organizations throughout the year, offering senators the opportunity to create events that they believed were important to the Xavier community.

With regard to campus safety, JBC wanted to improve XU Alert Me and have more frequent informative notifications. Students were especially concerned after there was no communication during the Sept. 5 shooting at Fountain Square, which was deemed too far away from campus for notification.

Despite efforts toward communicating student needs, there was a disjunct between the level of notification students wanted and what Xavier Police thought students wanted. Concerns about safety were brought up during the report of administration portion of SGA meetings and afterward discussed as a Senate. JBC did have several meetings with members of the administration in attempts to implement a more effective system, but not much change was brought despite this being a component of their platform.

JBC’s most visible accomplishments during their term were the two “Your School, Your Questions” forums and organizing Xavier’s participation in the We Will Not Be Next National School Walkout following the Parkland shooting. The walkout attracted more than 450 attendees including students, staff and administrators.

The Executives were avid supporters of senatorial projects and helped senators achieve their goals. Such projects included then-Senator Blair McKee’s P.E.D.R.O Retreat, Senator Macey Windley’s Bill Demott speaker, Senator Beth Root’s voting shuttle or the Residence Life Committee’s new porch swings expected to arrive on campus this spring.

JBC’s greatest strength as a board was motivating senators to use their respective committees to enact change.

By: Rose Hoffstetter | Staff Writer