Bike trail steps closer

Mayor Cranley announces additional funding

Last week, Mayor John Cranley joined a crowd of supporters at Dana Gardens to announce that Phase 2 of the Wasson Way trail received $100,000 in funding from a local business, School Outfitter. This is in addition to the $2.2 million budget for the public works project. 

Wasson Way is a 7.6-mile trail under way in Cincinnati. The trail will be a scenic bicycle and pedestrian trail that will run from Victory Parkway near Xavier connecting to the Little Miami Bike Trail.

Phase 1 is now open and goes from Tamarack Avenue to Madison Road. Phase 2 o is currently under construction and will add 0.7 miles to the already existing 0.6 miles from Phase 1 of the trail. This addition to the trail will involve the bridge over Interstate 71 and will connect to Montgomery Road by Xavier’s campus.  Construction of Phase 2 is expected to finish prior to the end of the year.

Before the announcement the trail received $80,000 in funding from the City’s Railway Tax Credit Revenue. The funding came as a result of plans to consolidate unused railroad space for the trail. Additionally, the trail won a $500,000 Clean Ohio Trails Grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Finally, the trail received $994,000 from the Federal Transit Administration. The first stage of the trail will span 4.1 miles going from Montgomery Road to Wooster Road with a cost of $14 million.

Andrew Geraghty, a Xavier first-year philosphy, poltics and the public major and native of Cincinnati, expressed interest in the idea of the trail.

“Cincinnati is not known for its spacious bike lanes, and having a designated place for people to exercise will be beneficial to Xavier and the surrounding neighborhoods,” Geraghty said.

Benefits of the trail will include increased mobility between neighborhoods, according to Cranley. The trail is expected to connect neighborhoods that were divided by the construction on Interstate 71.

Because of the increased mobility, the trail is designed to encourage biking to work ,which could cause a reduction in traffic congestion while also reducing CO2 emissions. Additionally, the trail will pass areas such as the Norwood Plaza, Rockwood Common Pavilions, Hyde Park Plaza and Hyde Park Golf & Country Club.

“Hopefully, those working to build Wasson Way will get the funding they need to complete the project,” Geraghty said.

By: Jabari Turner | Staff Writer

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