Police Notes & Week in Review – 2/6/19

Photo courtesy of CNN | Secret tunnel… secret tunnel… through the mountain… secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel!

Police Notes

Jan. 31, 9:35 a.m. — Xavier Police assisted Residence Life with a room search in Brockman Hall. A fictitious ID was confiscated and Residence Life will follow up.

Feb. 1, 10:16 a.m. — An employee at the All For One Shop reported the theft of approximately $225 worth of clothing. An unknown suspect was observed on surveillance placing clothing into an empty plastic bag and exiting the store. Xavier Police is investigating.

Feb. 3, 12:15 a.m. — An RA in Kuhlmann Hall reported an inappropriate message left on a message board outside one of the rooms. Xavier Police and Residence Life will follow up.

Feb. 4, 12:18 a.m. — Xavier Police assisted Norwood Police in investigating a dispute between two people who were arguing loudly outside Starbucks at University Station. Both parties were advised, separated and sent on their way.

Note of the Week

“Not a lot happened this week, okay?”

Jan. 30, 10:45 a.m. — Xavier Police assisted Physical Plant with water damage in Schmidt hall. A broken water pipe in a second floor closet caused minor flooding on floors one and two. A report was filed.

Week in Review

  • What appeared an ordinary sinkhole turned out to be a tunnel leading to a bank, Florida Public Works employees discovered. The FBI is currently investigating the tunnel, which measures about 50 feet long and three feet in diameter (Jan. 31).
  • Punxsutawney Phil has spoken — he did not see his shadow, so spring will arrive early this year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association cautions against relying too heavily on Phil, however, as his predictions have been correct only about 40 percent of the time (Feb. 2).
  • Hilgermissen, Germany, a town of approximately 2,200 residents, will continue to forego naming its streets, according to the results of a recent referendum. The town has never had street names, only house numbers, and 60 percent of voters said they wanted it to stay that way (Feb. 4).
  • Looking for a cheap beer? You’ll have to head to Michigan to get the most buzz for your buck, according to data from the deal site Simple Living Thrifty. There, a case will cost on average $14.92, compared to $18.04 in Ohio (Feb. 4).
  • A proposed law in Hawaii would raise the minimum age to buy cigarettes to 100 by the year 2024, effectively banning them across the state. “You are taking people who are enslaved from a horrific addiction and freeing people from horrific enslavement,” Richard Creagan, the bill’s creator, said (Feb. 5).
  • A meth overdose, not a bear attack, killed a man in the Great Smoky Mountains, according to an autopsy report. Park officials thought the bear had killed the man because it was found eating his body (Feb. 5).

This post was assembled by U.S. & World News Editor Jack Dunn.