Sports leagues examining ways to return to play

MLB considering radical realignment, while the NBA looks into the bubble Ever since the National Basketball Association (NBA) cancelled in early March, the question of when sports will return has gone unanswered. While The Last Dance will keep us entertained for the next two Sundays, I’m not sure how many more virtual simulations I can watch if it goes on any longer.  Leagues across the U.S. are asking themselves the same question. With everything from player salaries to media revenues to game day employee paychecks at stake, teams can’t afford to not play games much longer. But how teams reopen … Continue reading Sports leagues examining ways to return to play

Video games to escape quarantine boredom

In this time of shelter in place, I have found myself with the time to finally get through the backlog of video games that I have been meaning to play. I know that there are many that are in this similar situation, so here is a guide on what to consider playing when there is nothing else going on.  My favorite game genre is the open-world adventure. I love having a giant map, allowing me to go wherever I want, building up skills and gaining new abilities along the way. Red Dead Redemption 2 was recently on sale, and it’s … Continue reading Video games to escape quarantine boredom

‘The Last Dance’ touts an inside look at Jordan’s Bulls

Babe Ruth. Muhammad Ali. These names are the first to come up when trying to compare Michael Jordan to another athlete in “The Last Dance.”   This docuseries is not here to convince you why MJ is the greatest ever. It’s here to prove it. “The Last Dance” is everything you could hope for in a Jordan documentary. In the first two episodes you get interviews from everyone including Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf, former coach Phil Jackson, “former Chicago resident” Barack Obama, “former Arkansas Governor” Bill Clinton, Steve Kerr, Charles Oakley, John Paxton, Jordan’s mother, brothers and many … Continue reading ‘The Last Dance’ touts an inside look at Jordan’s Bulls