Here’s what NOT to do on this Valentine’s Day

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Every time I go home to St. Louis, my family and friends tease me about the fact that I always have a new significant other. It has become a joke amongst them how they never see the same person twice. Naturally, this means that I have not a single piece of advice to give about what to do in romantic situations. However, it does mean that I am incredibly qualified to tell you what NOT to do, which feels rather pertinent with Valentine’s Day coming on Thursday. Aside from some of the rather obvious things of what not to do, namely assume consent or keep trying after they have already said no, here is a list of a few things that you most definitely should not do this Valentine’s Day.

1. Don’t assume that you know what they want, or that they know what you want. Seriously, this one will wind up terribly. Relationships are all about communication and apparently telling other people what you want is an important aspect of communication. Otherwise, you might end up with a salmon colored Ralph Lauren quarter zip when most of your wardrobe is dark-colored or white.

2. Stay away from live (and dead) animals. This one is less for Valentine’s Day and more in general. Do not give a significant other a living animal. It leads to a weird custody battle and potentially shared custody after a break up that makes it impossible to end things. Going to the zoo is all right though. Also, dead animals are a definite no, even as placeholder gag gifts. Learned that one the hard way. Long story.

3. Don’t think you need to do something expensive and fancy. It is okay to be broke and not do anything. Your partner should understand financial strains at this point. After all, Xavier is expensive and the tuition just went up five percent for next year, so maybe it’s time to save. Besides, it is the thought that counts.

4. Don’t believe that you need to have a romantic partner to enjoy Valentine’s Day. It is a Hallmark holiday that was created to make money off romance. However, that does not mean that we cannot individually put meaning in something that may not inherently have it. It can be a day set aside for showing the people you love how you love them and why you do. You can show this love to anyone, like your friends, total strangers, family members, professors — anyone. Just make sure that they are consenting to you sharing your love with them and do not be too weird or creepy about it.

By: Kevin Thomas | Managing Editor