Review: Listermann Brewing delights pubgoers

Photo courtesy of | Listermann Brewing offers well-crafted beer, sweet drinks and good food to the Norwood area. Its convenient location and delicious appetizers make drinking beer an even more enjoyable experience. Listermann Brewing makes a perfect spot to crack open a cold one with the boys anytime.

Come on in to Listermann Brewing for a beer, fries and a “dank grilled cheese” and leave happy with a six pack of local, crafted beer. Xavier University students, forget about taking an Uber back and forth to Chapter and take a nice five-minute stroll to a local bar and have a great time!

Listermann has an excellent choice of beers on tap. They are all homemade beers and are greatly varied. They offer lagers, IPA’s, fruity beers and sweet drinks.

My personal favorite, the Rocky Road Float, is essentially a chocolate milkshake IPA and that is all I needed to hear. A couple of other sweet drinks are the 562 Lateral, the Float and the Sundae and they are all are worth trying.

The bar is great, but for those who are not 21 or just want a great bite to eat, head over to the restaurant side of Listermann. For starters, the deep-fried mac-and-cheese balls and the pretzels with beer cheese are a classic, delicious option.

However, if you are going to Listermann, throwing your money into the Belgian-Style French Fries is something you will not regret. These are the best fries I have ever had. Bryce Reinhold, a lover of these Listermann fries said that, “these fries alone are worth making the trip there.”

Beware the hot wings, unless you are not afraid of a challenge. Thursday through Saturday, Listermann gives you a chance to eat six of their hottest wings in five minutes, and after you are done, you have to wait an entire minute before you can get any napkins or drinks.

If you win this challenge, you get a picture on the wall, your own t-shirt and the wings are free.

I must speak about a to-die-for item on the menu, called the “Dank Grilled Cheese.” It melts four cheeses – American, Swiss, cheddar and provolone – with bacon and tomato. Yes, it does taste as good as it sounds.

Before you leave out that double door of Listermann Brewing, make sure you take a sample of their delicious brews with you. Their prices might be high, but it is worth bringing some of these creative, delicious alcoholic beverages along with you. You can take home a bottle of mead offered in several different flavors for a price of $20.

Listermann Brewing does not just serve food and drink. The variety of events they hold, such as stand-up comedy, improv and even a free-to-join nightly running club makes it an overall great experience.

The prices are a bit high, but I would very highly recommend. It is a fun place with delicious food and drinks, and you can do a hot wing challenge. The convenience of how close it is to campus, plus the money you save by not “Ubering” all night over Cincinnati, makes this an affordable place to be on the weekends.

By: Curt Berry | Guest Writer