Your post-Valentine’s Day heartbreak playlist

For many people, Valentine’s Day is a time to spread love and care for others. That being said, the 14th of February can also be an emotionally loaded time of the year and coming out on the other side can be a daunting, risky endeavor no matter how experienced you are.

For the unfortunate souls who had their hopes and dreams shattered after the cold rejection of a romantic interest, the world seems like a sad, lonely place. Even so, you should never let any of that stop you from “shooting shots.”

Music helps other people poetically interpret what’s going on inside your head. So to all my shot-shooters, DM sliders and straight players, just remember that even Stephen Curry, the greatest shooter of all time, hits 43 percent of the time. Here are some sad songs to get you through the rough time between your romantic undertakings.

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1.) “Tommy’s Party” by Peach Pit

The relaxing guitar progression of this song carries a feeling of melancholy while remaining super chilled-out. The vocals, guitar counter-melody and the subtle drumbeat add more layers of self-reflection as the song develops. The instrumental work on the song is also mechanically stunning. The virtuosic guitar work of Christopher Vanderkooy floats beautifully on top of the rhythm section while leaving room for Neil Smith to deliver poignant poetry.

At its core, the song is about the day after a party. Neil Smith reflects on how people enjoyed themselves at the party he went to the night before and notices that one person had a wonderful time talking to a girl that he had a past relationship with. He later reminisces on their time together and accepts that he will never get to date her again. I am sure this is relatable to at least a few people out there.

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2.) “U” by Kendrick Lamar

This song is the angriest and most intense song on this list. Part of the anger is pointed at another person, but most of it is pointed inward. If you feel responsible for messing up a good thing, this song is for you.

Lamar looks back at his past relationship and all the times he could have done better. He raps over a dark, jazzy instrumental that is perfect for sitting in your dorm at 1:30 A.M. pretending to be in a sketchy jazz bar. My favorite moment in the song is when he calls himself out for Face-Timing instead of visiting a friend in the hospital who eventually passed away.

“U” is a perfect representation of the chaos you feel once you realize your life was not authentically lived. Put this song on and reflect on how perfect that special someone was and how you messed everything up.

3.) “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

This is the only song on the list that was written about a breakup between Stevie Nicks and fellow band member Lindsey Buckingham who had to perform the song live for many years. This deceptively-simple song talks about feelings of being robbed of time and hoping your ex is happy being lonely.

The hypnotic drum loop carries the song as airy guitar licks and beautiful vocal harmonies effortlessly float across John McVie’s bassline. Stevie Nicks navigates the vast, open space between the instruments to speak her mind. Despite the harsh personal lyrics, her voice is classically haunting and feels like a distant memory in the mind of Buckingham. If you feel wronged by a person after a breakup, this song is for those who can secretly cast spells is for you.

By: Joseph Cotton | Staff Writer