Xavier students share their reactions to the college admissions scandal

Question: What do you think about the recent college admissions scandal and what does it say to you?

“I think it is a shame that these parents cheated the whole system and as a result there are kids who do not even want to be in school who are paying to get their degree. I especially feel bad for all the kids who should have gone to college and want to go to college, but now cannot. In reality, I am mad that it has happened.”

Liz Apolloino, first-year theatre major

“It is a shame that these kids are being bystanders to their own education and resting on the laurels of their parent’s success instead of creating their own success. This whole scandal just exudes self-centeredness.”

Matthew Isopi, sophomore marketing major

“I think the scandal is pretty messed up and shines light on an issue that has been going on for a long time. It also sucks for the people who were not given opportunities because of certain people paying their way through.”

Sam Aberle, junior political science major

“It’s sad but I’m not surprised. It’s finally being talked about, but I feel like everyone secretly knows that wealthier people have an edge when getting into college. I’m more surprised that it’s finally being talked about than it actually happening.”

Jasmine Williams, first-year exploratory

“The scandal takes away the places in colleges for students who actually deserve them but it’s also not surprising. And that’s the tea.” 

Jess Lake, first-year business undecided

“I feel like it’s completely unfair because the vast majority of people have to earn their way into their schools. Yes, parents should be their children’s biggest cheerleaders, but this is taking it to an extreme. Also, I feel that since they’re white, the punishment will be significantly less than the punishment for a person of color who did the same thing.”

Maddie Montgomery, first-year, nursing major

“These parents paid too much money for their under-qualified kids to get into incredible schools and programs. It’s ridiculously unfair that people are using their privilege in such a way that it makes it virtually impossible for kids who were qualified to have those spots in those schools just because of their economic and social statuses.”

Maddie Berry, first-year, chemistry major

By: CJ Ripepi | Staff Writer