Week in Review – 3/27/19

  • No fewer than 45 rattlesnakes were removed from underneath a home in Texas. The snakes hide under houses during the winter and start to emerge as temperatures rise (March 20).
  • Thanks to night camera footage, a man finally discovered the culprit behind his mysteriously organized garden shed: a hard-working mouse. The footage showed the mouse spent approximately 90 minutes each night tidying up the shed, placing screws into a bucket and even trying to lift objects twice its size (March 20).
  • A California man set up a series of naked mannequins to deter a nosy neighbor. The man said the stunt was in response to the neighbor’s alleged complaint to the city about plans to build a fence around his yard (March 21).
  • A man in Texas decided to test Petco’s “all leashed pets are welcome” policy by bringing in his 1,600-pound steer. Store employees were surprised but did indeed welcome the leashed animal (March 21).
  • A 104-year-old woman checked off one more item on her bucket list when she was arrested by the police. Per her request, police handcuffed her and transported her back to the station (March 21).
  • Two men discovered a fridge full of beer while cleaning up after flooding in Minnesota. The fridge contained Bud Light and Busch Light (March 22).
  • A Florida distillery is sending a giant mixing truck on a cocktail tour. The truck features a 2,400-gallon mixer that resembles a cross between a concrete mixer and a martini shaker (March 22).
  • Passengers on a London flight to Germany got quite the surprise when their plane landed in Scotland. An apparent mix-up in the flight plan caused the mistake, and the plane later arrived at its proper destination (March 25).|
  • A Welsh mother now holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Wizarding World memorabilia. She owns 3,686 different items (March 25).
  • An artist announced his plans to construct a quarter-mile-long cheese wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The wall will require 9,000 blocks of Cotija, a hard Mexican cheese (March 25).
  • Seagull imitators from across Europe gathered in Belgium to squawk it out at the European Gull Screeching Championships. Competitors attempted their best gull calls in hopes of winning a basket of Belgian beers (March 26).
  • A Hawaiian man will not be allowed to consume Pepsi, his favorite soft drink, for the next four years as part of his probation for a car theft conviction. He had stolen the car to purchase soda (March 26).

This post was assembled by U.S & World News Editor Jack Dunn.