Photoless-op: What do you want to do before finals?

With the final weeks of the semester rushing along, community members are running out of time to fulfill their 2018-19 school year bucket lists.

Responses varied in ambition and recklessness. The Newswire is unable to condone any of the activities shared.

“I want to somehow get on a roof of an academic building and watch the sunset.”

Caroline Marino

First-year musical theatre major

“Attend more Xavier baseball games.”

Zak Ziems

First-year accounting and finance double major

“I’d like to stay the night in the caf.”

Max Carlson

Sophomore theatre and Digital Inovation, Film and Television double major

“Finally take a nap in my hammock on the yard.”

Tyler Norris

Junior psychology and theology double major

“Create the memories that will last a lifetime.”

Officer Pearson

“Do more hot dog grill-outs with the students.”

Officer Stewart

“Spend 24 hours in Gallagher with Jo Dearman.”

Ally Knizner

 First-year theatre education major

“Steal all the scissors on campus.”

Sam Martini

Senior theatre major

“I’d like to meet Harry Styles of One Direction. Preferably in a grocery store. And I’d like to sing for him. I think he’d like that.”

Ellie Conniff

Junior theatre and history double major

By: CJ Ripepi | Staff Writer