Stranger Things Excites Audiences

Warning: May contain minor spoilers

On July 4, the latest installment of the Stranger Things series was released. Fans of the show were excited to see their favorite characters again, especially after a second season that left many underwhelmed. This time, though, the cast and crew brought their A-game.

While the last two seasons seemed to keep a central focus on Will and Eleven, this season extends the plots relating to characters like Dustin and Max, whose lives we tend to see less of unless it relates back to the overarching plot of the season. This season still relates back to the mysterious Hawkins Lab, it also differs from the original introductory storyline from the first season with the Upside Down and Demogorgons.

This season featured a lot of moments that were screenshot-worthy. The introduction of Steve’s new post-graduation job and his coworker Robin, the reveal of Eleven’s new style with the help of Max, and even the beginning of Hopper’s second shot at being a dad are all moments that stand out among the season. The comedy bits are lighthearted and create interesting dynamics between even the most unlikely of pairings.

In this eight-episode season, there’s a lot of development of character. This season saw the development of Billy’s character, who was introduced in the second season. More of Max was brought forth, and she was shown as more than just the tomboy, skateboarding girl with an attitude. There were even some characters who developed in a not-so-great way. Lucas and Mike both lost focus on maintaining their friendships and focused more on the girls they’re dating, à la the effects of puberty. All of the characters are complex in their development, and none of them are truly good or bad, just like in real life.

In terms of production, this season killed it. The use of color throughout the season was beautiful, especially considering the ’80s were filled with bright, fluorescent neon. While there were some minor continuity errors that may drive film fanatics mad, the overall quality of the cinematography was amazing, as was the attention to detail of set design, wardrobe and music selections. In previous season, this was also very notable, but it was even more so this season.

This season will not let down any Stranger Things fans. Anyone who loved the first season is sure to love this one. And any fans disappointed by the second season that fell short are sure to feel redeemed. With a lighthearted summer feel combined with the most heartbreaking of character deaths, this season was hotter than Cincinnati in July. Rating: 5/5

By Hannah Schulz | Head Copy Editor