SGA Execs: State of the Campus

Hello all, and welcome to Disneyland, a place where magical and memorable experiences wait around the corner, where one’s curiosity is piqued, strong bonds are solidified and relationships are formed. Despite the lack of Disneyland weather, Xavier’s campus is equally enchanting — a sentiment that can be said for returning students, as well as new students.

For our new students, you’ve already been showered with warm embraces, funky chants and a boatload of information, most of which you weren’t probably able to retain. What awaits you is thrilling basketball games, exciting on-campus events, impactful service opportunities, eye-opening classes, amazing friendships and a lifetime of memories. But you will also feel homesick, tired, frustrated, heartbroken and a myriad of other emotions — simply because that is a part of growing up. Even though that sounds frightening, there is community a here to help. There is something here for everyone, and even if you can’t find that something, you can create it.

Our returning students know very well what the Xavier community looks and feels like. As this new school year approaches, they will continue to grow and foster their relationships, learn more about themselves, excel in their crafts, discover new gifts and become the leaders that this world so desperately needs. They too will face challenges similar to our new students and they too know the power of the Xavier Community. In contrast, these seasoned students know the shortcomings and areas our community needs to improve in. This is why we are here.

We are Blair McKee, Desmond Varner and Alfredo Mercedes (BDA) and we are your Student Government Associations (SGA) Executives. We work hand-in-hand with a group of 20 creative, talented and motivated senators. Together we discuss issues, problems and dilemmas that we as a student body are currently faced with. The senate is compartmentalized further into four committees: Academic Affairs, On and Off Campus Living, Student Organizations Committee and Student Rights and Identities.

These committees have all made tremendous strides towards the focal point of their group. Our On and Off Campus Living Committee has been working diligently to put printers in specific residence halls, our Student Rights and Identities Committee has created informational literature that gives alternative choices to be a conscious consumer, and our Academic Affairs committee has been working on immersive learning opportunities. Finally, our Student Organization Committee has worked to effectively allocate fair and appropriate funds to our clubs.

We also work with faculty and staff to voice the opinions and demands of the student body. BDA has worked closely with Dr. Jude Kiah to get free laundry for all campus residents, Dave Johnson and Jean Griffin to create dialogue between top administrators and students, as well as Dr. Janice Walker and Dr. Kyra Shahid on diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus. Also, we hope to work with Chief Rob Warfel on more widespread active shooter training and community policing.

Another important event that we have been working on is “Your School, Your Questions.” This event will allow students to inquire about the status and direction of the school with President Father Michael Graham and other vital administrators. This discussion will allow students to give active input about our school and how we will continue to grow and improve as a community — where everyone’s voice can be heard.

To the first-year students, we charge you to make the most out of your college experience: Create unbreakable bonds and everlasting memories. Challenge yourself to embrace your newfound independence. To the returning students, we empower your rise to the occasion and elevate your engagement in all facets of your student life. We are beyond proud to serve as your SGA executives.


Blair McKee, Desmond Varner and Alfredo Mercedes