Why I’m a Posadist (And You Should Be Too!)

By Will Ripley | Guest Writer

Fellow left-of-center comrades, my message to you may appear extreme, but I encourage you to hear me out. According to the United Nations, we only have 31 years before our civilization collapses because of climate change. Once the effects of climate change set in, they will be irreversible. Entire sections of the planet will become uninhabitable, and the remaining habitable areas will overflow with climate refugees. The future of human life on this planet is grim.

For this reason, I have allied myself with the 4th International Posadist, a Trotskyist International and the last remaining hope for humanity. Our belief is that capitalism must be destroyed to allow humanity to progress under socialism. Our species is incredibly embryonic in the scale of the cosmos and its understanding of the universe. As capitalism rots our planet away, our only option is to permanently eliminate the capitalist systems and focus our efforts spaceward.

Our scientists only work within the confines of the capitalist state. Our greatest engineers and programmers are designing apps to get children addicted to gambling. Capitalism halts any form of research into its negative effects on humanity with anti-intellectual propaganda. Therefore, capitalism is scientifically regressive.

As leftists, we must put aside the fear of a war forced upon us by the bourgeoisie, for no socialist country was ever born without revolution. War is not the end for us. In fact, war will be a second chance if the hegemonic systems are destroyed. Currently, we have the means to eliminate all capitalist countries from the face of the Earth with nuclear weaponry. Additionally, it is the bourgeoisie who fear nuclear war the most. After their private property and capital are rendered worthless following war, they will bury themselves alive in nuclear bunkers.

Conversely, the working class will be affected the least. After the bourgeoisie are deposed, the working class will be free to pursue their own interests.

As our planet burns, we must turn our focus spaceward. Life can exist on other planets; they possess the correct physical properties to harbor life. The transition from inorganic to organic matter may be superior on those planets as well. While their structures may be different, we must still seriously consider the possibility of their existence. Once the petty quarrels of capitalism are eliminated, communism will finally allow these superior lifeforms to take our species seriously. We will then possess the allies needed for the next step of humanity: space travel. The Communist Interplanetary will become unstoppable, and humanity will transcend its earthly limitations and live in harmony with the cosmos.