SGA Exec campaign commences

Mahnoor Zahra (left), Thomas Wehby (Center) and Michaela Townsend (right) are running for the Student Government Executive positions. You can read a shortened version of the platform they submitted to Newswire.

After last year’s four tickets, one team is running for the executive positions

There is one ticket running for the executive positions in Student Government Association this year. However, the ticket must receive at least 50% of the student body vote and one additional vote in order to win the seats. The ticket goes by the name CPP (Community, Passion, Progress), and is comprised of Thomas Wehby, Michaela Townsend and Mahnoor Zahra. You can read a brief summary of their platform here and a full version will be available on The platform is unedited to preserve their original language.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring the diverse community of Xavier together to ensure the provision of equitable opportunity to every individual. Our united love and passion for our university will drive us to pursue the Xavier Values of integrity, justice, and generosity across campus. With progress in mind, we aim to learn together, to serve together and grow together.

We have built our platform around three core values: Community, Passion and Progress. Community entails ensuring each Xavier student can find spaces for themselves on campus, building intersectional relationships amongst students and further cultivating the already existing Xavier community. Passion deals with the parts of our identities that we hold closest and translating that into different areas across campus through projects and initiatives; we want to encourage all Xavier students to find what they are passionate about and put that passion to work to create change. Progress, to us, means constantly furthering the institution we love. Progress means we will identify aspects of the Xavier experience that can be reformed, adjusted or eliminated to ensure that all students are met with access to equitable opportunity across campus.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • International students
    • Increasing the recruitment and retention of international students.
    • Increasing financial assistance through need-based and merit-based scholarships
    • Extending our support to all international and identity clubs/organizations through partnership programs.
    • Creating comfortable and safe spaces for international students to share their culture.
    • Providing secure housing for students who get admitted late as a result of the international admission process.
    • Connecting students with companies who accept and support international interns and employees by working with Career Development Office and the Center for International Education
  • Commuters Accommodations
    • Creation of a “Commuter One Night Hotel” system
  • Women of color speaking series
    • Bring in 3-5 speakers each semester, all Women of Color, who can share how their passions turned into tangible work.
  • LGBTQ+ Policy
    • Work with Alliance and Members of the LGBTQ+ community
    • Create an Ally Checkbox for Residence Halls
  • Mosaic Initiative
    • A roundtable for all Identity Clubs on campus
    • Mosaic “Being an Ally” Workshop for supporting Minorities across our Community

Student Wellness and Safety

  • Menstrual Care Products Across Campus
  • Open forum with administration, XUPD, faculty leaders
  • Continuing “Your School, Your Questions”
  • Enhancing XU AlertMe reporting range

Engagement on Campus

  • Reinvigoration of Involvement
    • Improve digital literacy and virtual presence of clubs and organizations on campus
  • Event Hosting Policy Changes
    • Review current OSI policy changes involving Walk-by event planning
  • “Coffee, Concerns, and Community”
    • Host a weekly Coffee Hour for students to express their concerns to the Executives


  • Conversation with ConneX
    • Talk about current satisfaction with oncampus dining options
    • Talk about the filling Curritos space, post-lease
    • “Hoff Food Excursions” – opportunity for the Dining Hall to cater food from local establishments
  • Multicultural food options
    • Push for multicultural food availability inside Hoff


  • Expanding Wheelchair Accessibility across campus
    • Ensure every dorm has Accessible Clicker-activated doors
    • Properly marking curbside ramps with blue paint
    • Permanent ramp for DIFT Studio
    • Working to make Kuhlman’s Yard Entrance Wheelchair Accessible
    • Building a ramp for the Husman Stage, a center point of the community
  • Caf Help Availability
    • Make the Caf more accessible via offering helpers to students who need them
    • Post signs that inform students of the available assistance
    • Officially mark the tables as Wheelchair Accessible


  • Providing students with a choice over the format of their textbooks
  • Ipad checkouts for online textbooks
  • Reinvigoration of Academic Honesty Commitment


  • Recycling
    • Increase Number of Recycling Bins
    • Properly inform students about on-campus recycling
    • Review the overall effectiveness of the type of bins we have around campus
  • Campus Compost
    • Work with GoZero and ConneX and create a campus compost plan for all food scraps produced in the caf
  • Partnering with Metro bus
    • Reduce the stigma surrounding the use of Metro Buses
    • Work to get students a discounted bus fair
  • Lyft Partnership
  • Solar on the Green
    • Provide a solar powered solution to the lack of outlets on the yard by installing a solar powered charging station


  • Lounging on the Green
    • Install Permanent Hammock Posts
    • Invest in more permanent Swings on the Yard

Student Government Finance

  • Push for University funded elections in order to prevent any non-Xavier affiliated organizations from having any serious impact on our elections.