OSU faces sexual assault allegations

Two football players both face charges of rape and kidnapping in Columbus

Two Ohio State University football players have been charged with rape and kidnapping for an incident that occurred on Feb. . Both players were members of this year’s team and made an appearance in the playoffs.

Two football players from Ohio State University (OSU) were arraigned with first degree felony charges for rape and kidnapping last week. According to an affidavit from a Columbus Police detective, the incident occurred late at night on Feb. 4 about 10 miles from campus. Both were members of this past year’s football team who made an appearance in the College Football Playoff. Each player made an appearance in more than 30 games during their collegiate career at OSU. “As a lifelong fan, I was definitely both shocked and concerned about the allegations made against the two players. These heinous actions, if true, are unbefitting of anyone,” Xavier senior Joe Shepardson said. “Being under con
stant spotlight as members of one of college football’s most prestigious program, they definitely do not deserve such a privilege to represent their football team, let alone college. I was happy that the head coach acted decisively in parting ways with the two young men.” “Those people should be kicked off the team if they actually did that, obviously innocent until proven guilty. It shouldn’t matter if they’re starters or not,” said Xavier first-year Ethan Scruggs. So far, OSU has responded by removing both accused players from the football team. Head coach Ryan Day said, “I have dismissed the accused players from our football program. I am not making any statement on the criminal charges, but it is clear they did not live up to our standards”