Learn how to play golf: It’s a life skill

Will Pembroke is a firstyear Philosophy, Politics and the Public major. He is a staff writer for the Newswire from Glen Ellyn, Ill.

Golf is an awesome sport that is not just for old retired white men. I personally learned how to start playing golf at the age of three. Both of my parents have been avid golfers most of their lives and were keen on passing down their knowledge to me.

            From a young age, golf taught me many things. Perfecting a golf swing as a soon came to find out is impossible. When you watch any number of professionals on TV, they make the most challenging golf courses in the world look like your local putt-putt place you were forced to go to for some family fun time. Do not be deceived, golf is extremely hard. For those of us who do not have the time or resources to make golf our primary objective in life, the game becomes much harder. The lessons of learning to be patient and keep a level-head on the course when things aren’t going your way are the two most important things, I have been able to gain from being a golfer.

            Now, aside from the trials and tribulations of an average round of trying to hit that tiny ball into a hole, golf is fun! Don’t believe people who tell you it’s boring, they are wrong. There are many fun things to do while golfing. First and foremost, if you are so lucky you can drive a golf cart! Golf carts make everything better. Who as a child did not want more than anything else than to drive a golf cart? Aside from that, you can stuff hot dogs and all the tasty treats which can be found in any pro shop in your mouth for relatively cheap. Some of my greatest dining experiences have come on a hot summer day when I make the turn to the back nine and pick up an ice-cold Coke with a loaded up hot dog to go along with it.

            One of the more underrated aspects of golf is the amount of time you get to spend getting exercise in the great outdoors. Why would you want to be cooped up in some sweaty disgusting gym doing endless cardio when you could go out with your friends and get a nice workout in without even thinking about it? If you don’t believe me, go walk 18 holes with a golf bag slung around your shoulder for 4 hours, you’ll change your mind.

            Aside from its physical health benefits, playing golf is a great way to relieve stress. As soon as you tee off on the first hole, your mind will fall into the rhythm of trying to perfect each shot. I know from experience that golf has boosted my mental health many times by providing me with some time off from my real-world problems.

            My final point might be the one of the most important. Learning how to play golf is a life skill in the working world. Whether you’re working in sales and are taking a client out to play, or you’re simply trying to impress your bosses at a company golf outing, being at least a competent golfer will compliment your work life in more ways than one. While I have not yet entered the working world to experience this myself, there have been countless days when my parents have come home from work boasting about how their golf performance got their foot in the door with the right people.

            Unlike other sports, golf can be played through retirement and beyond. It’s engaging and offers much more than simply hitting a ball down the fairway. I encourage everyone to go beyond just playing mini golf, try the real thing, and if you need someone to go with you, I can always be persuaded to play. Golf is a life skill, learn it.