4/17 Week in review — no more police notes edition

Essential drug trips, closet gators, mating pandas, robot fans, leg theft, crack Yoda and 49ers win SB?

An Australian man was fined for breaking lockdown restrictions after telling police that he was
going to visit his drug dealer. The police deemed it “non-essential travel” (April 2).

Ohio police discovered a live alligator in a closet while responding to a report of a robbery (April 2).

This alligator was found in a closet while police responded to a robbery.

A New Jersey man was charged after police found him hosting a Pink Floyd cover concert in his backyard. When police told the guests to disperse, the middle-aged crowd began shouting “F**k the police!” (April 4).

Two pandas at a Hong Kong Zoo, who zoo officials have been attempting to make mate, have finally mated in privacy after the zoo’s public closure (April 7).

A Taiwanese baseball team will begin their season with dressed-up robotic mannequins in the audience instead of fans (April 7).

A Michigan woman was arrested after shoplifting $700 worth of crab legs from several stores and then posting videos of them on social media (April 8).

Employees at a Maryland restaurant prevented a robbery by spraying the perpetrator with bear repellent. Police noted that the scent of the bear spray helped them identify the robber. It is still unclear why the restaurant employees had bear repellent on the job (April 9).

A Texas game warden reported a couple on a date night after spotting them digging illegally on private property. The couple was found to be in possession of several Native American artifacts and a Baby Yoda pipe containing crystal meth (April 10).

Italian police, on duty enforcing the national lockdown, blocked traffic to escort a family of ducks across the road (April 10).

A family of ducks received an Italian police escort across a busy road.

Tom Brady, after joining the Buccaneers this offseason, is seeking trademarks for the phrases “Tompa Bay” and “Tampa Brady” (April 10).

Three customers utilized the McDonald’s drive-thru while on horseback. The customers were served their food and the transaction proceeded normally (April 10).

Vacationers not following Indian lockdown guidelines were forced by police to write “I am sorry” 500 times as punishment (April 11).

The San Fransico 49ers’ contribution to the fight against COVID-19 was perhaps their Super Bowl loss in Feburary. According to public health experts, a victory parade would have been a “super-spreading” event (April 14).

A Florida judge pleaded with attorneys to put on their pants during online hearings over Zoom in a letter published by the Weston Barr Association (April 15).