Photo-op: back to a new normal?

Students share their mixed feelings on in-person classes returning in the fall

Mark Yakim, junior

“I’m not a fan of having online finals. I’ve had enough of online school already and I don’t want to go back to it.”

Luke Obermeier, junior

“I am excited for the new calendar because it allows us to come back to campus and promotes safe travels.”

Caroline Niland, junior

“I think our whole experience next year is going to be a lot different. It’s like we’re going to all be first years again and not know what to expect.”

Aileen Romano, Senior

“I’m excited to get to be back on campus and see everybody especially with it being my senior year, but I also have some reservations about keeping the Xavier community safe.”

Jay Lozano, Sophomore

“I’m feeling good about the academic calendar but am curious about how things will be different in the Caf and other places around campus.”