Throwback games bring nostalgia


Two weeks ago, there was an article in the Newswire with videos games to help
get you through quarantine. While those games seem fun and will entertain you for a
little while, who knows how long the shelter in place will last? So, being the throwback
connoisseur that I am, here is review of throwback games to play when you’re feeling

Nintendo Wii

If you were smart enough to hold on to your Wii after all of these years, I applaud
you, you have taste. The Wii is the perfect quarantine time killer.

My personal favorite games are “Mario Kart,” “Super Mario Bros” and the classic “Wii Sports.” As an added bonus, you can play “Just Dance” if you’re looking for an alternative to working out.

I knocked off a star because the quality of Wii isn’t the best, but the games and
Wii characters make up for it.

A Wii is tough to come by nowadays, but if you’re lucky Throwback games bring nostalgia enough to get your hands on one, hold on to it.

Club Penguin

There are two types of people in the world: Webkinz people and Club Penguin people. If you’re feeling lonely this quarantine, Club Penguin is the website for you.

Club Penguin has been around since we were kids and was rebooted in 2017 to keep the nostalgia alive. You can make friends on Club Penguin and play multiplayer games,
or you can waddle around solo.

There’s a game for everyone on Club Penguin or bizarre hangout spots to mingle with other penguins. The only downside to Club Penguin is how slow it is — there’s too
much going on for it to run smoothly — but nonetheless, the fun outweighs the technical difficulties.

Disney Games

As you may know from review of Disney Channel shows to binge on Disney+, anything after 2010 is irrelevant, including Disney games. Classic Disney Channel shows created classic Disney games.

My favorite games include, but are not limited to: Kim Possible’s “A Sitch in Time,” The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’s “Pizza Party
Pickup” and Lilo and Stich’s “Sandwich Stacker.”

Honorable mentions include: Lizzie McGuire’s “Dress up Lizzie,” That’s So Raven’s “Cory’s Money Maze” and Hannah Montana’s “Malibu Manicure.”

You’ll need to download Adobe Flash to play most of these games, but it will be
100% worth it.


“Bloxorz” was like an unspoken rule in elementary school; whenever we had the school computers, we all played it. It was one of the few games that wasn’t blocked
on the school WiFi if that tells you anything.

The first few levels are really easy, but then the game gets really frustrating. It’s like a modern version of “Tetris,” but it’s not nearly as fun as “Tetris.”

I only gave it three stars because it gets too repetitive and you can you can only play it for a little bit on your homework break without going crazy. Nonetheless, “Bloxorz” is a good throwback if nothing else and will be a solid time waster if you’re looking
for one.