First week back: anyone know what’s going on?

by: emilie kracik

 “The first week of classes has definitely been crazy. I’m really happy my clinicals and labs are in person, but hybrid classes have been pretty tough to figure out in such a short period of time.”

Molly Grimes- Junior Nursing Major

“It’s been difficult getting used to the hybrid system because it’s hard to know which days to go into class and which days to Zoom, but I am happy Xavier is making it work, and we can be on campus at least some of the time.”

Jimmy Maguire- First-Year Finance Major

“Having to do Zoom last semester during quarantine made getting used to classes this semester much easier. I have one hybrid class and I like it. It’s nice to get back in the classroom instead of just sitting in my house looking at a Zoom screen all day.”

Ryan Petrunia- Junior Finance Major

“It feels great to be on campus and in touch with friends and faculty. It’s definitely different though, having hybrid classes, less caf accessibility and finding more creative ways to socialize.”

Sean Trebb- Junior Sports Management Major

“It seems like everyone has adjusted well to COVID-19 protocol and wearing masks on campus. Hybrid classes have been challenging to get used to, but I have a lot of friends from home who are all online and can’t go to school, so I’m happy to be here.” 

Tommy Gorman- First-Year Business Undecided Major