Photo Gallery: Cincinnati BLM Protest

WORDS BY: Mariette Waterhouse, Staff Writer

PHOTOS BY: Erik Maahs, Guest Photographer

Protestors gathered at the Cincinnati Police Department’s District One precinct last Friday to criticize the lack of response to recent murders of Black citizens by police across the country. Activists from Mass Action for Black Liberation and Cincinnati’s Socialist Alternative spoke at the event.

A sign reads “ACAB,” a common protest slogan abbreviating “All Cops Are Bastards.”
A generator with “Power to the People” stenciled on it supplies electricity to the protest’s speakers. Protest anthems played, include “F*ck the Police” by NWA and other rap songs.
Cincinnati Police officers stand atop the District One Headquarters building as citizens protest on a nearby patch of grass.
Speakers are adorned by the logo of local electronic-anarcho band, “Decide Today.”
A sign reads a version of Bible verse Revelations 12:11, in which Christians are martyred to achieve victory over the Devil.