New album Nectar proves to be just as sweet

by Mariette Waterhouse, Staff Writer  From Filthy Frank to his song’s TikTok fame, George Miller, better known as Joji, has created an interesting image for himself in today’s generation. If you haven’t heard of Joji, or think you haven’t heard a song of his, think again — it’s likely that you have and weren’t aware. His songs have been very popular on TikTok, and chances are if you use the app you’ve heard “Slow Dancing in the Dark” or “Gimme Love.” Starting out on YouTube as Filthy Frank, Miller created YouTube videos that would be labeled under the “dark humor” … Continue reading New album Nectar proves to be just as sweet

COVID-19: East Coast universities

Colleges crumble or craft creative COVID-19 course options on the East Coast written by: Mariette Waterhouse, staff writer Until recently, most campuses around the U.S. did not know whether school would be held in person this year or completely online. Most, in fact, had plans put in place in case of the sudden surge of COVID-19 cases.  Like Xavier, students from all colleges interviewed said they were not allowed to have more than two to four people in their room at a time, and that all people there had to be masked. Failure to adhere to these guidelines would result … Continue reading COVID-19: East Coast universities

Navigate the new Dancing with the Stars season

written by: Mariette Waterhouse, staff writer On its 29th season, Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) brings  a whole menagerie of stars and dancers, but who will take the Mirrorball trophy?  The first team to take the stage is Backstreet Boys alum AJ McLean and the two-time Dancing with the Stars champion, Cheryl Burke.  The first team to perform always has the pressure of bringing the show to a start. McLean and Burke did not disappoint, beginning their jive with an exciting jump to the stage by McLean.  While not the most impressive dance of the evening, McLean and Burke definitely … Continue reading Navigate the new Dancing with the Stars season