New podcast proves to be more than politics

written by: Mariette Waterhouse, staff writer In January of 2017, Barack Obama made his last speech as acting President of the United States, and with it, he and his family left the White House. However, the Obamas have stayed active in the public eye, whether it be making public statements about politics, releasing books or making a podcast. The Michelle Obama Podcast was released in 2020 during the summer lockdown.  From bringing up the pandemic to discussing the current social climate, Mrs. Obama doesn’t stray away from confrontation. It’s refreshing in a way; she doesn’t ignore social issues and chooses … Continue reading New podcast proves to be more than politics

Photo Gallery: Cincinnati BLM Protest

WORDS BY: Mariette Waterhouse, Staff Writer PHOTOS BY: Erik Maahs, Guest Photographer Protestors gathered at the Cincinnati Police Department’s District One precinct last Friday to criticize the lack of response to recent murders of Black citizens by police across the country. Activists from Mass Action for Black Liberation and Cincinnati’s Socialist Alternative spoke at the event. Continue reading Photo Gallery: Cincinnati BLM Protest

Back Page: 9/10

Who’s the funkiest bunch in town? By Mariette Waterhouse Five disco bands were judged by a panel of qualified and intelligent judges (me, myself and I) to determine once and for all who is the funkiest bunch in town. 5. Inverted Kazoo is at the bottom of our list. Not because their music is bad, but simply for the reason that I’m tired of having to explain to my family that it’s a band and not a weird sex thing. 4. Abducted Funk. Sorry fans, but your favorite quintet is placed very close to the bottom of our list. They … Continue reading Back Page: 9/10