New album Nectar proves to be just as sweet

by Mariette Waterhouse, Staff Writer 
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George Miller, better known as Joji, recently released an album entitled Nectar. It features a number of unique tracks, but appears to be disappointingly imitative to the singer/songwriter’s previous album and singles.

From Filthy Frank to his song’s TikTok fame, George Miller, better known as Joji, has created an interesting image for himself in today’s generation.

If you haven’t heard of Joji, or think you haven’t heard a song of his, think again — it’s likely that you have and weren’t aware. His songs have been very popular on TikTok, and chances are if you use the app you’ve heard “Slow Dancing in the Dark” or “Gimme Love.”

Starting out on YouTube as Filthy Frank, Miller created YouTube videos that would be labeled under the “dark humor” category. In 2017, he released two albums under the pseudonym “Pink Guy,” Pink Season and Pink Season: The Prophecy.

In late 2017, he switched gears, debuting his new and current pseudonym “Joji” with the EP In Tongues. In 2018, he released Ballads 1, and fans have been eagerly awaiting his newest album since.

Joji’s new album Nectar hits different. With 18 songs and coming to a total of 53 minutes, it’s a perfect album to listen to when you’re feeling just on that line of happy and sad. 

Some of the songs on the album like “Sanctuary,” “Run,” “Gimme Love” and “Daylight” are rereleases of singles that have been added to the album.

These songs are in no way a bad addition to the album, however. They all flow well with the rest. Songs like “Run” and “Daylight” stand out due to their replay ability. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve listened to both back-to-back. 

There are plenty of new songs on the album to enjoy as well.

My personal favorite is the 15th track of the album, “777.” One of the faster paced songs on Nectar, its pre-chorus has a clapping beat in the back that makes it a perfect addition to any running playlist.

Another standout addition to the album is the 17th track, “Like You Do.” It’s slower than the previous song and has a sweet chorus, which makes it a great song to have on a car ride or late night playlist.

A song that gives the implication that Joji is well aware of his TikTok fame is the 3rd track, ironically titled “Tick Tock.” However, this could be a reference to the numerous other meanings of the phrase. While the song never mentions the app, the similarity in the name makes me think it could be right to think this is a subtle nod to his fans on the social media platform.

There’s only one song that doesn’t quite strike the same feelings as the others do, which is the 16th track, “Reanimator,” featuring Yves Tumor. It isn’t a bad song, per se, but the long instrumental for the first minute and half of an already quite short song doesn’t quite feel the same as other longer songs on the album.

That being said, the album as a whole flows very nicely and gives the feeling of a summer drive at night where you and your friends are all enjoying a night out, whether that be introspective quietness or loudly singing along. It is the perfect album to listen to if you like indie style music or are having real sad boy hours.

Overall, it is a great performance by Joji, and while not a departure from his previous style of music, it still gives a refreshing taste of new music to fans both old and new.