Will the new glass slipper fit?

Upcoming Cinderella comedy creates uncertainty and skepticism amongst fans

by Emma Stevens, Guest Writer
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
Upcoming Cinderella comedy film is set to make headlines as it showcases a star-studded cast including singer/songwriter Camila Cabello as its leading lady, as well as several other well known actors and actresses.

Pop star Camila Cabello will soon be on the big screen in her first major Hollywood role: the next Cinderella.

 Set to release in February of 2021, Sony’s Cinderella is set to make a star-studded splash with a celebrity filled cast, a plot kept under wraps and some big glass slippers to fill. 

Though many details of the film have been kept secret, most of the film’s cast has been released and is full of familiar faces.

 Cabello will be surrounded by fellow celebrities in the film, including big names such as Idina Menzel, James Corden and John Mulaney. Menzel’s role, Vivian, is meant to be one of the film’s most interesting twists: a not-so-evil stepmother.

 Additionally, the film will not feature a traditional fairy godmother. Instead, Billy Porter will appear as Fab G, a gender-nonconforming fairy godparent. Pierce Brosnan of Mamma Mia! will be playing King Rowan, and hip-hop artist Missy Elliot will be making an appearance as the Town Crier.

 In her second appearance in a Cinderella-related film, Minnie Driver plays Queen Beatrice. Cabello’s co-star will be played by Nicholas Galitzine who is best known for his role in the Netflix series Chambers. 

With plenty of famous faces on the screen, the film also has industry giants behind the camera. Kay Cannon, best known for her work on Pitch Perfect, 30 Rock and New Girl, is directing the film based on an original story written by Corden, who is also one of the film’s producers. 

Despite all the buzz around the film, little is known about the actual plot. We know that the film is going to be a comical take on the traditional Cinderella story told as a musical.

However, aside from the little hints dropped throughout the vague description of the film as a musical comedy and the brief character breakdowns released with the cast, little is known about what will be included in the film.

 As a Sony production, the movie can only include content from the original Cinderella story and unique ideas created by the Sony team. Anything created by Disney is off limits.

 To some die-hard fans, this may be disappointing as there will be elements of the story that may seem to be missing. However, to those hoping for a new spin on the old story, a film produced by a different franchise may be just what the doctor ordered. 

Though Sony’s version of Cinderella seems to offer many new and exciting changes to the classic tale, there are many beloved renditions that have come before it.

 Disney has had plenty of their own versions of this fairytale, including Cinderella (1950), A Cinderella Story (2004), Another Cinderella Story (2008) and Cinderella (2015),  just to name a few.

 These films are loved by many and the actresses that play the iconic titular role in each film have their own dedicated followers. 

Whether Camila Cabello will measure up to Ilene Woods, Hillary Duff, Selena Gomez and Lily James is the big question at hand. Each of these lovely ladies brought their own magical touch to the princess they played, leaving Cabello with big slippers to fill.