Fan brings to light TV shows that deserved better

By: Emily Croft, Staff Writer 
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
Scream Queens, Freaks and Geeks and American Vandal are just three shows out of many that deserved more seasons and content than what their viewing audiences were given before they were inevitably cancelled.

We all have that one show that could have had one more season. Or two. Whether the creators ended it on purpose or just lost funding, a few series resonate with everyone in their soul, especially me in mine, that deserved one more season, if not more than that. 

To start off, the vintage Freaks and Geeks was a classic TV show that tragically received a single season. The show aired from 1999 to 2000, consisting of 18 episodes. While it might have been your typical predictable show, it was equipped with the cast that was simply unmatched.

 It held a cast full of stars that we all know and love today, including James Franco, Seth Rogen, Busy Philipps, Jason Segel and Linda Cardellini. For a lot of these famous, admirable actors, Freaks and Geeks was their big break.

 NBC, the provider of the show, cut it due to low ratings, which were received because of the irregular showings of the series on random Saturdays. 

Today, you can only find Freaks and Geeks on DVD, as no streaming service can acquire the series due to copyright issues. Freaks and Geeks is a show that should have had many more seasons, but for now, I just want it to make its way onto Netflix. 

As Netflix continues to gain popularity, it has begun personal productions, such as American Vandal. American Vandal was a mockumentary series released in 2017 that consisted of only two seasons. 

While there was no major or steady plot, the idea of pranks being taken that far in a documentary was a comical way to get kids to watch Netflix-made productions. It was a show that paralleled the suspense of shows like Criminal Minds without all of the gore.

The series’ cancellation came as a shock to me since my friends and I binged both seasons when they were released. The show offered something new and exciting to younger audiences, as mockumentaries are not common. 

The major decision for cancellation was that Netflix had an outside studio produce the show, inflicting issues within the series’s rights. Whether it had all the rights or not, Netflix should have gifted us with a third season of this unique mockumentary. 

Speaking of suspense and thrill, Scream Queens was an iconic series that left our television world too soon. The show is a satirical and thrilling series that continues to shock you as you watch. Scream Queens only aired from 2015-2016, giving us a slim two seasons.

 There were 23 episodes per season, which may seem like a lot, but it was most definitely not enough for me. Not only did the plot leave me on the edge of my seat, but the cast was jam-packed with infamous queens of acting, including Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis, Keke Palmer and Ariana Grande. I could keep going with my list, but it would take up my word count for this article. 

Needless to say, they had a full cast, but only gave us two seasons. While it produced a lot of social media buzz, Fox canceled the series after two seasons due to the lack of viewers. Both seasons show a continual loss of viewers as the seasons went on, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t deserve season three. 

All three of these shows deserved another season, if not more. While it is possible that a reboot could happen, that is probably out of the picture for most series that get cancelled. For now, I’ll have to rewatch what I have until I find a new series good enough to replace Emma Roberts.