Feel fresh this fall fashion season

by Charlie Gstalder, Opinions & Editorials Editor

The air’s getting colder, the days are shorter, homework and stress are mounting and we’re all looking for some sign that the world won’t end. You know what that means… It’s time for another fall fashion guide! 

For those unfamiliar, the fall fashion guide is when I, one of the most stylish people I know, give advice on what to wear this season… or what not to wear if you hate my opinions. 

While I discerned the following trends from clothing collections aimed at men, people of all genders should feel welcome to apply my ideas to their own wardrobes. 

Pleated Pants 

Pleated pants are back. While the number of pleats doesn’t really matter, single pleated pants are the classic for men. If you’re feeling adventurous, not looking to conform to gendered fashion roles or don’t care about what I say, wear pants with as many pleats as you want! However, avoid pleated khakis unless your ideal look is that of a 45-year-old man at his local parish’s pancake Sunday. 

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Straight Cut Pants 

It appears the reign of skinny, slim and slim-straight pants has ended. It’s once again in style to wear pants that are a little more baggy. 

I’m not saying you should throw out your skinny jeans or your slim corduroys, but experiment with different cuts. Give your legs some room, let some fabric flow and roll your cuffs to show off your cool socks. You do have cool socks, right?


The pandemic has changed everything we thought we knew about sweats. Anything goes now: wear sweatpants and a hoodie to class, wear them to the gym, wear them to your wedding — it literally doesn’t matter. 

Don’t even bother having different colored fabric, wear a groutfit for all I care. Oh, and don’t waste your money on “athleisure wear” — that stuff’s a scam. Wear real sweats; I’m talking about the ones from 2011 with pizza grease and grass stains. I’m only half joking here, sometimes it’s nice to just be comfy.


Masks are in style because if you don’t wear one you could kill everyone you love and then yourself. Seriously though, the pandemic is not a joke. Wear a mask. Oh, and maybe wear one with fun patterns or something.


Pockets are in. I don’t mean to imply cargo pants are in, because I still think they should be avoided like COVID-19, but there’s a growing push to accept clothing with extra pockets. 

Perhaps it’s a continuation of the hiking-inspired techware industry that has been dominating fashion, or maybe everything really can come into style. Just get some extra pockets, have some fun and carry some stuff. 


All right, it’s time to do it.: it’s time to invest in a bag. 

No, not a backpack — a bag. It can be one that goes across your body, or one meant to be slung on your shoulder or even one meant to be carried in hand. It literally doesn’t matter. Just get yourself a bag. Wear it with your backpack even. Oh, and make sure it doesn’t say “Supreme” on it… it’s not 2017. 

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons