Back Page 09/07/22

Corn By Katie Sanchez, Arts & Entertainment With hair silken blonde like those string things on corn I was born, emerging from the Iowa cornfields I frolicked in their protection Rejoiced in their fruit But when I reached my fifth year I was ripped from them Replanted in a wasteland of concrete I yearned for the comfort of those kernels Desolate and detached I struggled through Until finally I made another Midwestern voyage And crossing into Ohio, the corn welcomed me home Corn Story By Addison Burke, Guest Writer Everyone’s favorite vegetable is making a comeback this year, thanks to … Continue reading Back Page 09/07/22

Wall to be erected around campus

Safety is the first and most important priority. It’s not about anything else. By Whisky Business, Groupthink Editor DISCLAIMER: THIS PIECE IS SATIRE, WRITTEN FOR OUR APRIL FOOL’S EDITION, AND IT IS NOT BASED ON TRUE EVENTS. University administration has announced a plan to construct a moat and wall around campus in response to an incident. In a letter to students, Vice President of Environmental Barriers Ivanna Waldem and Chief Student Entrenchment Officer Sean V. Spade explained their decision as one of last resort. “We tried to play nice. We did what our mommies always taught us and used our … Continue reading Wall to be erected around campus

Reflections on the Steele firing

Parting ways with former men’s basketball head coach has many implications By Charlie Gstalder, Opinions Editor At risk of adding to the already oversaturated atmosphere of articles on the Travis Steele firing, I felt I’d be remiss from saying the quiet part out loud. Namely, the firing of Steele was an obvious decision that coincides perfectly with Xavier’s strategic growth plan.  While the administration dare not admit it in its strategic planning, university investment in the basketball program factors greatly into their overall attempts to raise the schools profile from a regional gem to a university with a national reputation … Continue reading Reflections on the Steele firing