Spice up your wardrobe this spring

By Charlie Gstalder and Kayla Ross, Opinions & Editorials Editor and Back Page Editor

Even as Cincinnati weather refuses to be stable enough for you to roll out your spring wardrobe quite yet, spring fashion season is right around the corner. Freshen up your fits and get ready to spring into new styles with two Newswire editors’ predictions for the trends of this season.

Dresses Over Jeans 

The 2004 Anne Hathaway red carpet look is back. Dresses over jeans have been making a subtle comeback since Spring 2021, but now Lizzo and Hailey Steinfeld have been seen sporting the look on Instagram. Chopova Lowena, who has dressed celebs like Dua Lipa, Willow Smith and Madonna, is in favor of the look. I know what comes to mind: The frumpy looks sported by Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale circa 2008, — but the look of this spring is far more wearable. Rosetta Getty showcased a look in Fall 2021 featuring a white dress with clean, subtle hems and wide leg trousers underneath. They completed the look with a military-style jacket, taking influence from Victorian silhouettes and styling with Doc Martens and hair with messy, romantic waves. 

Photo courtesy of flickr.com

Denim Deep Dive

Speaking of jeans, understanding denim in its many forms is critical to creating your spring look. Perhaps it’s due in part to the popularity of Hulu’s The Bear (in which main character Carmie sells his vintage Levi’s to keep his struggling restaurant afloat) or simply a clever and intentional marketing strategy by Levi’s itself. Either way, vintage and raw denim are having a moment.  There has been much ado about raw, selvedge and vintage denim, and all are great choices. 

If you’re new to caring about the specifics of jean-related fashion, here’s a quick rundown. Vintage denim can be significantly higher quality than modern denim. Proponents swear that vintage denim fades better. But beware, major companies have caught onto this interest and are offering faux-vintage denim, which is marketed as classic while still containing contemporary materials. For that reason, unless you’re prepared to undertake a course’s worth of research and reach deep into your denim pockets, you should settle for one of these other options. 

Raw denim is denim that has been unwashed and untreated since its creation. It’s normally significantly stiffer and rougher at first — qualities that are part of the draw, as each pair of jeans will become uniquely suited to the wearer’s body over time. Selvedge denim describes a method of weaving the fabric. It’s identifiable for the finished seams on the inside of the jean, often signified by a different color of yarn. Selvedge denim isn’t necessarily better quality, but offers a subtle and intriguing departure from your usual style of jeans.

Platform Sandals 

The excessively-chunky shoes sported by Lizzie Mcguire are in this year. (In all colors. For all occasions. And they must be at least four inches tall). 

However, this year, we’re moving away from pairing these with the loud prints of the Y2K trend that was taking all stores by storm last spring. Instead, pair your chunky sandals with a more casual look, or try a color blocking outfit. The chunk of the shoe gives you all the quirk you want for the outfit without the whole ensemble resembling an Instagram ad for SHEIN. 

Less is more this spring! Try the platform sandals with a casual outfit for a young, laid-back and authentic Y2K aesthetic. Pair it with the Britney Bob or a messy updo to complete the look. You could also dress them up with a midi or maxi silk dress. Look at Abercrombie & Fitch online for a more dressy platform sandal look. 

The Hippie

The ‘70s have been coming back in a substantial way, especially with the popularity of Amazon Prime original Daisy Jones and the Six. This trend is not just for my people who appreciate a feminine outfit; the vibes of the ‘70s are coming back everywhere. Men’s cut bell bottom pants and vintage graphic tees are a solid option for a more masculine look, especially when paired with a pointed toe leather or crocodile skin boot. Or, if you’re feeling the western ‘70s look, try it with a cowboy style boot. Long sleeve crochet tops and sweaters are in stores high and low, even at Target in the Wild Fable section for $28. Pair these tops with some flare jeans or a bright maxi skirt for the complete hippie look. No more sad beige sweatsuit summer. This spring and summer, embrace the color. Put on a colorful maxi sundress and pair it with lots of jewelry. Luckily, the hippie look is very forgiving for mixed metals and all kinds of beaded jewelry. 

Photo courtesy of pexels.com

The Julia Roberts Paparazzi Look (Circa 1990) 

For a cool casual look, the early ‘90s Julia Roberts is all the inspiration you need. A casual, short dress and sneakers with a simple bag is versatile for the whole day. Hair done, natural glam and relaxed lines will give you the laid-back, effortless look you’ve been seeking. This look can also be a loose white or black cropped tee, wide leg jeans and sneakers. Throw on a blazer and curl your hair to dress up the outfit. This vibe has been all over Instagram, which gives you an authentic but put-together edge to your style. 

Coastal Cowgirl 

The coastal cowgirl look has been taking over my TikTok For You Page, featuring delicate pastels and hyper feminine touches. The key elements of this aesthetic are tiny florals, simple accessories and a Carolina flair. This charming, laid-back look is the kind of vibe you take home to the parents. You need a pair of white or brown cowgirl boots, embroidered dresses and white oversized tops in your closet this spring. Also essential: a straw cowgirl hat. This ensemble  features VSCO girl touches, with stackable bracelets and dramatic sunglasses. Don’t shy away from a dainty floral balconette bikini top and jean shorts on bottom. The focus colors are white, blues, browns, pastel yellow and baby pink. 


You may have heard of corecore in relation to TikTok as describing videos of amateur-edited media clips and sad music. It’s an anti-trend meant to satirize the mass proliferation of media and montages. In the context of clothing, corecore can reflect a rejection of complex color and fabric combinations and branded clothing in favor of ready-to-wear essentials. In convenient news for the casual dresser, solid colors, simple cuts and off-the-rack thrift sensibility are back. As always, try layering — combining items of different weights to achieve a slightly more complex and textured feel to your favorite sets of plain tees.


Gorpcore gets its name from gorp, a trail mix-like snack famous among hikers that stands for Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts. Stylewise, gorpcore features functional yet stylish outerwear. It comes from a style of rain jacket from which gorpcore’s other namesake is derived — goretex. Goretex is a specific, trademarked type of waterproof material that has derived a cult-like following for its ability to provide near-perfect water resistance. Despite its popularity, there’s no real need to splurge on goretex itself if you’re primarily concerned with aesthetics. In that case, you can likely even make use of your existing wardrobe. Try dusting off your old rainboots and a pair of cargo pants, top it off with a lightweight rain jacket and plunge deep into the wilderness of campus.

Photo courtesy of pexels.com