Staff Spotify: What we’re listening to

Check out the music that is getting Newswire editors through midterms

I Love My Mom by Indigo De Souza

I really miss going to live house shows, so I’ve been strictly listening to bands I feel like I could run into in someone’s basement. Indigo De Souza’s LP I Love My Mom’s lyrics and hooks flow between dreamy and heart wrenching. Spotify popped the track “Take Off Ur Pants” onto a lot of my Daily Playlists over quarantine. Months after, I’m still screaming the chorus as I drive with windows down on the interstate.

Heather Gast, Editor-in-Chief

Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis by Matana Roberts

The fourth entry in a proposed 12 part series on African American culture and history by artistic genius, Matana Roberts, Coin Coin Chapter Four is a masterful patchwork of free jazz, spoken word and gospel that challenges one’s definition of an album. While the narrative style is difficult to follow, taking a form similar to someone struggling with the reemergence of traumatic memories, it is captivating and demands multiple listens. If you don’t bother listening to my crazy album recommendations anymore, just try track eight “Her Mighty Waters Run,” its interpretation of “Roll the Old Chariot Along” is heart wrenching. 

Charlie Gstalder, Opinions and Editorials Editor   

Free Time by Ruel

In anticipation of his new album, I have found myself repeatedly listening to Ruel’s silky smooth voice as I push through midterms. A pop-infused, R&B-inspired album, this 17-year-old Australian sings about heartbreak and the accompanying ups and downs. The simple, yet enticing instrumental backdrop is one of my favorite parts of the album, as it perfectly compliments this artist’s rich tone. 

Alex Budzynski, Managing Editor

De Stijl by the White Stripes

 After Jack White’s reinvigorating SNL performance this week, I’ve been bopping to De Stijl and remembering a better time — when the White Stripes were still together. Their best album, De Stijl is full of heart wrenching love songs like “Apple Blossom” and rocking masterpieces like “Jumble, Jumble.”

Mo Juenger, World News Editor