XU Theatre makes rocking return

By Emma Stevens, Show Manager Xavier’s Theatre Department is opening American Idiot next week, kicking off their season with their first full-capacity show in almost two years. The excitement swirling around the show is multifaceted, and the anticipation of the return of live performance is electrifying.  American Idiot is a rock musical centered around the music from the Green Day album of the same name, as well as their follow-up album 21st Century Breakdown. The show follows the lives of three young people as they struggle to make sense of a  post- 9/11 world.  The Xavier Theatre rendition of this … Continue reading XU Theatre makes rocking return

Podcasts get personal with XU students

By Emma Stevens, Show Manager In the past year, the Xavier community has seen an uptick in the amount of multimedia creation by students, notably in the form of student-run podcasts.  Podcasts have recently seen a spike in popularity, an interest that has developed.  Several Xavier students have begun to produce their own original podcasts this school year. Newswire is taking a deeper look at two of these student podcasts, giving you a taste of what these shows have to offer.  Get Up and Grow This podcast is co-hosted by Maddie Asbridge and Hannah Whitaker. Though Whitaker is not a … Continue reading Podcasts get personal with XU students

Staff writer shows us fan favorite Vines

by Emma Stevens, staff writer  As an angsty tween during the prime time of Vine, I experienced many of the trends firsthand while scrolling through my feed on my iPod Touch. Needless to say, the resurgence of Vine-based content in the form of compilations on YouTube has brought me immense joy since the app was shut down.  When watching these compilations, I am reminded of some of my favorite Vines and continue to find hidden gems years after the platform ceased to exist. Here is a list of my top 10 favorite Vines of all time, which  were painstakingly selected. … Continue reading Staff writer shows us fan favorite Vines