The Lighter Side

Kim K, taco wine, killer whales, hoverboard dentists and one ant

Kim Kardashian posted a video proving that she has ten toes after facing online scrutiny claiming that she has six toes on each of her feet (Sept. 10). 

Taco Bell has announced that they will be releasing a new wine pairing called Jalapeño Noir. The red blend is designed to be paired with the fast food company’s Toasted Cheesy Chalupa. (Sept. 13). 

Photo courtesy of @BarstoolSports on Twitter
Taco Bell releases a new wine pairing for its chalupas: Jalapeño Noir.

A Japanese theme park  now boasts a “haunted toilet” as a socially-distant theme park attraction for the upcoming Halloween season (Sept. 13). 

Orcas, a typically non-violent species known by the misnomer “killer whales,” have been reported to be harassing sailors in the Strait of Gibraltar. Scientists are unsure what is causing this unusual aggression (Sept. 13). 

Photo courtesy of @thornmages on Twitter
Orcas, typically peaceful mammals, are attacking ships near Portugal.

The Royal Canadian Mountain Police is investigating a heist-stealing of $320,000 worth of beef and seven hot tubs (Sept. 14). 

Raiders QB Derek Carr came under fire after using Coach Jon Gruden’s wife’s name in an audible, yelling “Cindy Gruden, Tiger Woods!” Gruden announced that he was not aware of the audible and had not heard it in practice (Sept. 14). 

An ex-bassist of the Rolling Stones had his personal items auctioned off last week, with an iconic used toilet seat selling for $1,142 (Sept. 15). 

A Malaysian man had his phone stolen, but was surprised to find several selfies taken by a monkey after the phone was discovered in the jungle behind his home (Sept. 15). 

A bus passenger in the U.K. was removed from a bus after transportation officials realized his mask was not a typical cloth one, but instead a live snake. U.K. officials clarified that a live snake does not qualify as a mandated face covering (Sept. 16). 

Actor Samuel L. Jackson, who runs a voter registration campaign, has announced that he will be teaching a select group of voters who register on his platform to swear in 15 different languages (Sept. 16). 

A man was removed from Disney’s Hollywood Studios for not wearing a state-mandated mask. As he was forcibly removed, he screamed misquotes from the movie A Bug’s Life. “‘If one guy stands up, one ant stands up,’” the man yelled, attempting to incite a maskless rebellion (September 16). 

The Alaska dentist arrested earlier this year for performing dental surgeries and regular appointments while riding a hoverboard was sentenced to 12 years in prison (Sept. 16).