Photo Gallery: Dorm Window Displays

Photos By Erik Maahs, Staff Photographer
Getting ready for spooky season around Kuhlman! Window reads “Happy Halloween.”
Beautiful sticky note art at Fenwick which portrays a sunset.
The thought board of Fenwick Hall. The leftmost window reads “crap.” The middle window reads “free wireless.” The rightmost window reads “BLM.”
Window chit-chat between rooms. The left window reads “hi Zach.” The right window reads “hi.”
Window reads “Wear a Mask.” #masketeers.
Pink is a good color for him, though. Pictured above is a post-it note depiction of D’Artagnan.
Living lavishly on Kuhlman’s top floor. The left window reads “Pent.” The right window reads “House.”
Macaroni in a pot. Window reads “WAP.”
We love to see students supporting students! This Husman resident got creative.
 Another sunset composed entirely of sticky-notes overlooks campus.