The Lighter Side

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The kakapo was elected “Bird of the Year” this year in New Zealand after many claims of voting fraud.

Nov. 11 — A transnational European research center announced that they aim to create a “historical scent library,” in which they document how people and objects would have smelled from the 1500s on. 

Nov. 16 — After an election season marred by voting fraud, New Zealand voters officially elected the kakapo as the country’s “Bird of the Year.”  

Nov. 17 — Acclaimed director Spike Lee announced that his next project will be a movie musical about the origins of Pfizer’s erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra. 

Nov. 18 — A Canadian pizzeria is offering Middle Ages-style indulgences as a limited time Uber Eats deal. Buyers will receive a free pizza with a $3 purchase of a paper allegedly “absolving” them of one of the seven deadly sins. “The medieval church did it first, but we’re doing it better,” the restaurant said. 

Nov. 18 — An embracing pair Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops fossils were donated to a North Carolina museum. Scientists and dino fans have commented that the pair appear to be battling or hugging. 

Nov. 15 — A Belgian racing pigeon named New Kim broke the record for most expensive pigeon, selling for an unprecedented $1.6 million.