Makerspace mines for diamonds

Maker Mondays allow students to turn their tech-driven ideas into reality

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The Makerspace, located on the ground floor of the library, is using 3D printing to student Minecraft creations into keepsakes. They also teach students how to utilize the technology that the space has to offer.
by emily croft, staff writer

The Makerspace is offering interactive events where students can export their Minecraft creations straight from their imaginations. With the hopes of increasing student involvement, Maker Mondays highlight different aspects of the Makerspace through interactive designing and crafting on the first floor of the McDonald Library.

The first event of the semester, hosted Monday, focused on the 3D printing capabilities within the Makerspace. The event gave the students the opportunity to print their self-made mansions, buildings and other things from the popular game, Minecraft.

In order to export their Minecraft creations, student will need to export their creations into a file that can be 3D printed using the free real-time render application, Mineways, more detailed instructions can be found on the Makerspace website.

Digital Initiatives Librarian Christian Sheehy explained the logic behind this initiative. “It makes sense to introduce concepts of 3D design using a tool such as Minecraft that people are already using and are comfortable with,” he said.

The main goal of the Makerspace is to aid students’ understanding of the equipment. To avoid the struggles students often face, the website of the Makerspace offers tutorials demonstrating how students may download their mansions, create a file and send it to the Makerspace for 3D printing, an opportunity students still possess.

“I am enthusiastic about it and similar types of things we could do to show people how awesome the library is
and how wonderful the Makerspace is,” Sheehy said Also, Sheehy discussed the upcoming Monday events. The next event is “Make a Card for Your Valentine.” Highlighting the advanced card-making machines, this experience allows students to
utilize the free supplies to construct Valentine’s Day cards. Students can visit the Makerspace Feb. 8-11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to make their valentines something special.

Other future events include making keychains, coasters, buttons and magnets. More information on these events
can be found on the Makerspace website.

This April, the makers space will celebrate it’s 5 year anniversary. With the expansion from being open three days a week
to four, reserve the space via the Makerspace website and the QR code on its door.