Newswire staffer takes on local Cincy restaurants

by joe clark, sports editor

With Xavier being located so close to Cincinnati, options for places to eat can sometimes feel endless. 

For those days when you want to eat out and are sick of traditional fast food, these are some of my favorite places to eat.

Cincy Steak and Lemonade

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Located on Vine Street not too far from University of Cincinnati’s campus, Cincy Steak and Lemonade lives up to its name by serving delicious steak and cheese sandwiches. 

The Crispy Philly Steak is definitely a go-to, as is the Italian Beef sandwich. The Crispy Philly Steak is basically a giant steak and cheese egg roll, and the crunch into the bread mixed with the tenderness of the beef makes it one of the best sandwiches I’ve had. 

Cincy Steak and Lemonade also has the best Italian beef I’ve tried in Cincinnati, and I’ve tried a lot. If you get the Italian beef, make sure you have a napkin handy, because if you order it dipped or wet, the bread is super soft. 

Similarly, lemonade is delicious, comes in a variety of flavors and pairs well with everything on the menu. 

The restaurant is takeout-only, and while it is open during COVID-19, it’s not very big, so don’t be surprised if there’s a line out the door, especially with social distancing. 

Poke Hut

Right next to Taft’s Ale House sits Poke Hut, a fast-casual restaurant serving traditional Poke bowls and a whole lot more.

 I probably eat here at least once a week because Poke is  my new favorite thing to eat, and their food is always so fresh and so good.

If you make your own Poke bowl, you have five different options for a base, 15 protein options, 19 vegetable options, six topping options and seven different sauces to choose from. 

Mix and match however you’d like, but no matter what you get it’s guaranteed to make your stomach smile. 

I’m not really big into fruity drinks, but Poke Hut’s milk tea, fruit tea and refreshers always hit the spot and are well worth ordering alongside whatever you decide to get. 

Poke Hut is currently open for take-out only during COVID-19. 

Delhi Palace

Photo courtesy of Dehli Palace Indian Cuisine

If you like Indian food or spicy food, Delhi Palace is right up your alley. Located on Montgomery Rd., Delhi Palace has the best tikka masala I’ve ever had, but their large menu has a ton of options for whatever you might like. 

Their tandoori chicken is marinated each night in yogurt and spices, before being flame-broiled on skewers and is definitely one of the best things on the menu. Don’t miss out on their breads either, as they have 13 different options. 

My personal favorite is the saag paneer, which is delicious when mixed in with the chicken tikka masala. 

The portions are big and you can usually get multiple meals out of them, which makes their already-low prices even better. Delhi Palace is open for dine-in, takeout and delivery.