The Lighter Side: 2/4/21

LEGO records, catsh*t exes, womb tunes, Hollyboob hills

A 12-year-old Kentucky boy broke the Guinness World Record for fastest build of the Star Wars Lego Millenium Falcon set. He built the set in under two minutes (Jan. 29). 

A Texas police department sent out an apology after mistakenly releasing an AMBER Alert with the description of nightmarish movie doll, Chucky. The alert described the doll as 3 feet tall, weighing 16 pounds with red hair. (Jan. 31). 

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A Texas police department sent out an alert describing a Chucky doll. 

A group of registered nurses traveling with a batch of COVID-19 vaccines were concerned the vaccine would spoil, so they began distributing the vaccine to random passersby on the side of the road (Jan. 31). 

An ancestor of Dante Alighieri is working to overturn the late poet’s corruption conviction of 1301. A panel of historians and lawyers are investigating (Feb. 2). 

A South Dakota humane society has an unusual promotion for this Valentine’s Day: for any donation above $5, you can name one of their kitten’s litter boxes after your ex-partner (Feb. 1). 

A toddler born to two rock musicians is releasing their first album, recorded several years prior while the child was in the womb (Feb. 2).

Rapper Lil Uzi Vert spent $24 million on a pink diamond face implant. The facial jewelry is allegedly between 10 and 11 carats (Feb. 2). 

Using the animation code from the film Frozen 2, researchers solved a 1959 Russian cold case commonly known as the “Dyatlov Pass Incident” (Feb. 2). 

Four coworkers ate 66 pounds of oranges in a Chinese airport after learning that it would cost an additional $46 in baggage fees to transport the fruit home (Feb. 2).

Six unidentified individuals were arrested for trespassing in the Hollywood hills after putting a tarp over the famous sign, reading “HOLLYBOOB” (Feb. 2). 

A  Minnesota college student sold his newly-expensive GameStop stock and bought Nintendo Switch consoles and games for children at his local children’s hospital (Feb. 2). 

A Florida attorney will be disbarred after officials learned that he filmed pornography in a jail cell while visiting one of his clients (Feb. 3). 

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology completed a four-year study that officially concluded that spinach can, in fact, send emails. The plant sends its team emails when it detects unusual root presences (Jan. 3). 

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MIT researchers discovered a method for spinach plants to send emails