Porn addiction isn’t real

Response to BRAVE Column: Porn on the Brain By Mo Juenger, Editor-in-Chief There are many forms of addiction that are legally and medically considered valid, and “porn addiction” isn’t one of them. To call it real feeds into the very real problems of pop psychological medical misinformation and sexual shaming.  Last week’s BRAVE column brought up some excellent points about how porn can negatively impact prepubescent children, promulgate non-consensual sex and lead to sexist perspectives. I agree that these are possible outcomes of excessive or early porn use are possible. The column also advocated against porn addiction, a condition that … Continue reading Porn addiction isn’t real

Harvesting autumnal album recommendations

Midterm season got you down? Check out these picks from Newswire writers! By Mo Juenger, Editor-in-Chief Immunity by Clairo This whole album feels like catching feelings as the seasons change. My favorite song on this album is “Softly,” which is a really sweet song about not knowing who should make the first move.— Kayla Ross, Back Page Editor II Shepherds by Jalen Santoy This album epitomizes the “Lo-Fi Beats to Study/Relax To” vibe, which is all I’m feeling this fall. “Foreplay” is definitely my favorite track, and I think it makes for good study music or a good addition to … Continue reading Harvesting autumnal album recommendations