Professor promotes Xavier childcare

By Mo Juenger, Editor-in-Chief As of 2017, one in every 15 Xavier students was also a parent. The national percentage of student parents has been on the rise since 2019, now at almost 22% of all undergraduate students.  As the national student parent population grows, Dr. Kristen Renzi, chair of the Department of Gender and Diversity Studies, knows this topic is often tricky for institutions to address.  “One of the arguments that’s repeatedly given is, ‘Well, this is just a faculty and staff issue; it’s not something that’s important to students,’” Renzi said. “There are actually a great number of … Continue reading Professor promotes Xavier childcare

Cincy chef clinches Chopped

By Mo Juenger, Print Managing Editor Patrons at Cincinnati’s own Arnold’s Bar & Grill were ecstatic as Head Chef Kayla Robison sauteed her way to stardom Tuesday.  Robison won an episode of the cooking competition show Chopped, beating three other chefs along the way.  In the show, four chefs are asked to create a three-course meal based on a basket of mystery ingredients.  Typical baskets are not gourmet — Thursday’s episode featured alligator tenderloin, pine cone syrup and mushroom-flavored candy canes as required inclusions.  The appetizer that led Robison to success was an alligator and edamame wonton with chocolate dipping … Continue reading Cincy chef clinches Chopped

Back Page 3/3/2022

Sports Banter? I hardly know her! By Mo Juenger, fired from whatever position she used to hold Based-Ball As the MLB lockout drags on, unionizing players continue not to budge. “At first, we just wanted to get paid more,” player Mike Bass said. “But now we don’t even want more money… We want the dissolution of the capitalist state.” When asked to elaborate, he added: “The system inherently exploits the bats-geoisie. Stealing first base? We were thinking so small. Now, we steal the means of production.” Exe-goose-tioner Jake the Goose was executed on live television last night. “Thank God,” an … Continue reading Back Page 3/3/2022