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Sports Banter? I hardly know her! By Mo Juenger, fired from whatever position she used to hold Based-Ball As the MLB lockout drags on, unionizing players continue not to budge. “At first, we just wanted to get paid more,” player Mike Bass said. “But now we don’t even want more money… We want the dissolution of the capitalist state.” When asked to elaborate, he added: “The system inherently exploits the bats-geoisie. Stealing first base? We were thinking so small. Now, we steal the means of production.” Exe-goose-tioner Jake the Goose was executed on live television last night. “Thank God,” an … Continue reading Back Page 3/3/2022

Tiktok-famous Mayor Lovecraft “keeps Ohio weird”

By mo Juenger, Print Managing Editor An Ohio mayor has taken TikTok by storm throughout the pandemic. Leeman Kessler is a podcaster, content creator and actor. Since 2020, he has also served as mayor to the city of Gambier, Ohio — home to Kenyon College. His TikTok presence as the deadpan, Ohio-based comedian “Mayor Lovecraft” has gained him significant online notoriety. He has gained roughly 130,000 followers on the platform since taking office. Much of Kessler’s popularity stems from his creation of Ohio-specific cryptids and creatures in his videos. His original viral video featured a mysterious “Raven Queen,” though following … Continue reading Tiktok-famous Mayor Lovecraft “keeps Ohio weird”