Thank you, XU

By Mo Juenger, Print Managing Editor

Last Friday, for the first time in 107 years of publication, Newswire received the Frank E. Deaner General Excellence Award from the Ohio News Media Association. 

As a paper, Newswire was recognized as the best newspaper catering to a university student body of fewer than 10,000 people. You, reading this, are those people. Newswire would not and could not exist without you. Every time you pick up a paper, you are validating the incredibly hard work our staff does every week.

I alone can’t express how meaningful that is to our organization, but I can thank you for it regardless. Thank you for reading, and thank you for helping us grow and prosper on campus. We hope that we can be as meaningful to you as you have been to us. 

We are deeply proud of our staff. Every member of the Newswire team strives to engage with our campus in unique and meaningful ways, and this recognition signals that we are achieving that. 

Thank you to our contributors, writers, hosts, A/V technicians, audio editors, photographers, copy editors, show managers, digital communications manager, online editor, photography editor, page editors, head copy editor, education and enrichment coordinator, my fellow Managing Editor Hunter Ellis and our fearless Editor-in-Chief Alex Budzynski. 

Newswire’s success is demonstrative of incredible university support and incredible staff, and we couldn’t have one without the other. All for one and one for all, Musketeers.