A Letter to the Editor: Stay classy, Xavier

By Dr. Tom Hayes, Dean of Williams college of business

I have been a Xavier basketball fan since the days of Steve Thomas and Bob Quick…. Look them up. 

I have never been as disappointed and embarrassed by our fan base as I was during the Seton Hall game on Saturday, Feb. 26. 

While the team certainly was not playing up to our expectations — or theirs — I found the boos, the students chants concerning Head Coach Travis Steele and the virulent verbal attacks directed at the coaching families to be disheartening.

There is not a single player on our team that intends to miss a free throw or jump shot, but when they do, it belies the hours of practice and effort they have put in during practice.

We have one more chance to lift up and support the team. I sincerely hope we, as a fan base, do just that. They deserve better. 

Let’s send our team and the seniors making their last appearance on our court off to the tournaments and their lives with better memories than were created Saturday.