Post-Valentine’s playlist additions provide peace

by joseph cotton, campus news editor
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After Valentine’s Day, you may be looking for new additions to your jams playlist. These recommended songs
will allow you to wallow in your feelings and pour them into scream-singing these tunes at the top of your lungs

The day after Valentine’s Day can often be a time of inward self-reflection for those not fortunate enough to have a significant other into whom they can pour their love and affection. It can also be a time of heartbreak when the person of your dreams turns you down for the nerdy dude in your forensic sciences class. Situations like these can happen to the best of us. 

But do not fret, my kings and queens: music is always there for you. As you look back on the last year to figure out what you are doing with your life, here are a few songs to get you over that heartbreak, longing or self-loathing. 

“Smooth Operator” – Sade 

Are you a high-powered businessman and/or #girlboss whose flight delay caused you to spend your Valentine’s Day in an airport, instead of the Argentinian resort hotel you were looking forward to? If you answered yes, then “Smooth Operator” is the song you should be playing on the Walkman. 

The sensual saxophone melody floats effortlessly above the bouncy drums which drive the song forward, crafting a musical aesthetic as smooth as sterling caviar. 

The lyrics, delivered with Sade’s signature tone, will help you realize that love is overrated. They might even convince you to have that affair with a huge and elaborate cover-up, despite the fact you will be abusing the powers of your public office.    

“Stay Away” – Charlie XCX 

Did the love of your life break up with you on Valentine’s Day just to scam you out of $10 worth of chocolate? Did they not get you anything? Do you wish they just never came into your life? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you need to listen to this song whenever you get the chance. 

The lyrics tell the story of a dead relationship that ended on bad terms and tries to answer the age-old question of why some people are heartbreaks waiting to happen. The chord progression is also really spicy, throwing a lot of harmonic curveballs at you. Combine the sad hours lyrics with the silky smooth electro-pop aesthetic of 2014, and you’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day hangover cure.    

“Address It” – LPB Poody  

Oops, you forgot about Valentine’s Day and cheated on your significant other when you were supposed to buy her flowers. It’s OK; it happens to the best of us. But in all seriousness, don’t freak out too hard. Love is pretty overrated anyways. Besides, now you have the perfect excuse to abandon traditional notions of love and the good life to pursue your career in the criminal underworld.

 “Address It” is the perfect song to get you started. The song is all about settling the beef around you while maintaining an air of superiority as you become the gangster kingpin you were always destined to be. Make sure you take notes, it can be difficult to pick out the nuggets of great advice over the rattling hi-hats and bright, pulsing melody that runs throughout the track.