Fan-favorite game shows to enjoy

by morgan miles, staff writer
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Game shows such as Super Market Sweep, Name That Tune and the Chase make it to the top of the list of game shoes still airing in 2020-21. Even though some are new, these shows will remain objectively enjoyable.

If you don’t watch movies or binge Netflix often, like me, game shows are an option for lazy days of lounging with a bag of chips. 

Requiring little to no attention or the pressure of keeping up with every episode, game shows match the lack of commitment and energy found within a stressed-out college student. 

Here are my favorite game shows that have aired in the past year. 

Name That Tune

Name That Tune is filmed in Australia and hosted by Jane Krakowski and Randy Jackson. The hosts are a power team: Jackson gives me American Idol host nostalgia, while Krakowski is Jackson’s desperate yet oddly charismatic other half. She shamelessly asks men if they are single in multiple episodes. 

If you like to play alongside contestants, Name That Tune is a good choice. Trying to figure out the answer before the contestants is a fun game to play with your roommate. 

The premise of the show is two random people battle to guess the name of a song.

A live band on stage performs, and the contestants earn money for each correct answer. My favorite part about guessing the song title is that if you’re even off by a letter, it doesn’t count. 

Also, if you’re rooting for someone specifically, you can’t get butt-hurt because either way both contestants go home with thousands of dollars. 

The show is only ever disappointing when someone doesn’t immediately know Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5.”

The Chase

Another game show where you can play alongside the contestants is The Chase. In this show, Jeopardy! winners take on ameteur trivia contestants. The contestant’s ability to answer random trivia will determine if they make it to the final round, the most intense part.. 

There will be one to three contestants in the final round depending on who passed the initial trial. At this point, all the contestants’ money is on the line. 

You’ll have a love-hate relationship with the Jeopardy! winners who are equally admirable geniuses and sarcastic commentators. 

There’s no reason to roast a contestant so hard when they are just trying to make some cash, though I’d also argue they’ve earned the bragging rights. 

The title refers to the Jeopardy! star — the “chaser” —  always lurking a few correct answers behind the contestant. So if the contestant makes a mistake, they don’t move forward and risk being caught.. When the masters of game show trivia catch up to you it’s an indicator that you’ve lost. 

You’ll scream at the TV when the answers are super obvious or laugh when an older Jeopardy! player doesn’t know the latest fad. 

Supermarket Sweep

I would sign up to be on Supermarket Sweep because it’s entertaining just to watch. Like the previous two game shows, Supermarket Sweep is a reboot of an old classic. 

Three groups of pairs line up and take each other on in a battle of supermarket knowledge. 

There’s a variety of challenges, such as the unscrambling of grocery product-related words, that help the contestants with the main event. Arguably the best part of the show is watching contestants run around to put items into their shopping cart. 

The goal is to earn the most money by putting the highest-priced products into your cart. Typically, parents win the competition because they understand that the go-to’s are baby formula, diapers, kitchenware and Yeti coolers. 

Unfortunately, Leslie Jones’ hosting is just obnoxious screaming. You’ll have to ignore her to enjoy the show.