Library desk keeps things moving

From finding books to cleaning surfaces, the help desk has you covered

By emily croft, staff writer
Newswire photo by Joseph Cotton
Even with more COVID-19 safety measures, the front desk workers are
eager to help Xavier students access resources and navigate the library.

The McDonald Memorial Library has been around at Xavier for as long as anyone can remember, but its operations have taken a turn this year. Front desk workers discussed the major changes to what it’s like to be a library worker this year for the school. 

The focus of the front desk is to assist students, faculty and guests with finding everything they’re looking for, whether that be books to check out or answers to their questions. In the past, the front desk dealt with more customer service than it has seen this last year. 

Senior mathematics major Sophia Fahey, a front desk worker since last year, explained the current needs the front desk sees on a day-to-day basis. “It was more of an interaction before,” she explained, “Now there’s not as much to do with the shortened library hours and social distancing.” 

While Fahey has been at the library longer, Sophomore applied chemistry major Emily Hoose offers a recent hire perspective. “The limits on what the library can provide now due to the pandemic have definitely hindered what we have to offer,” Hoose communicated. 

The students working at the front desk focus the majority of their time on the circulation of the books for the library. While this used to be a quicker process, things have had to slow down to ensure that all safety measures are being followed. 

Fahey noted,“The big difference now is when books get returned, we do a quarantine swap every day.” This extra precaution allows Xavier to guarantee the books are as safe as possible for others to use. 

Despite the obstacles seen throughout the year, front desk workers continue to find fun aspects of their jobs that make them happy to be there. 

Fahey explained that the front desk is here to help with the questions students have to offer. “I really love when people come up with random questions for me to help them figure out,” she added. 

Hoose highlighted the same idea, as helping people is what the front desk is there to do. “I think it’s really satisfying and fulfilling to help people get the materials that they need to learn here,” they  mentioned. 

Student jobs on campus are all unique in their own ways, with the front desk in the library offering new experiences that can help prepare students for the career-driven world.

Fahey described the areas she has seen herself grow in when it comes to what she’s done at the front desk. “Customer service and problem solving are a major part of this job,” she stated, “and I think the front desk has offered me a lot of experience in these aspects.” 

Even though every Xavier student cannot work at the front desk, Hoose and Fahey encourage people to use the front desk whenever it’s needed.